List of Aids I have recently received

Hi Guys Thought this might help those that have recently been diagnosed, and those that are not sure what is out there. The reason I made the list was yesterday the NHS Care people called me to ask if there was anything I needed, there asked me what I had already, and were surprised what I had. So thought I would send you all the thing I have. List of Aids Toilet seat raisers Grab rails in toilet Grab rails in shower Shower seat Grab rail by bed Air cushion to help me get up from a fall Self propelled wheelchair Wheelchair Bag(bought myself) Blue bag Radar key (bought myself) and card Seat pad that allows you to turn around Leg raiser(bought myself) Walker(Zimmer frame) Caddy for the front of Walker(bought myself) Kitchen perching stool Grab stick(bought myself) Raise and Recline car (on its way) Portable Suction Shower/Toilet Grip(bought myself) If anyone once more details, just ask and I will point you in the direction. Deborah