List of Aids

Hi Guys Thought this might help those that have recently been diagnosed, and those that are not sure what is out there. The reason I made the list was yesterday the NHS Care people called me to ask if there was anything I needed, there asked me what I had already, and were surprised what I had. So thought I would send you all the thing I have. List of Aids Toilet seat raisers Grab rails in toilet Grab rails in shower Shower seat Grab rail by bed Air cushion to help me get up from a fall Self propelled wheelchair Wheelchair Bag(bought myself) Blue bag Radar key (bought myself) and card Seat pad that allows you to turn around Leg raiser(bought myself) Walker(Zimmer frame) Caddy for the front of Walker(bought myself) Kitchen perching stool Grab stick(bought myself) Raise and Recline car (on its way) Portable Suction Shower/Toilet Grip(bought myself) If anyone once more details, just ask and I will point you in the direction. Deborah

A great list Deborah… all very useful. I would only add mobility scooter and a good powerful fan for hot weather!!! Pat xx

In addition to some of the things Deborah and Pat have, we bought two very heavy duty rubber ramps so I can now get out of the house and on to the terrace unaided. All I want now is some sort of basket/ bag to clip on to my wheelchair. Hope everyone is having a good weekend. Nina x

I’m thinking of getting a scooter that can come apart and fit in the car boot,has anyone used one? I have my rolator but I can’t walk as far or fast as the company I’m with, the kids are pushing me to try one, I must admit I’m already embarrassed using my rolator the thought of people judging me if I was on a scooter is more of a problem than I’d like to admit. I know I’d tell them where to get off if anything was said to me, maybe I just enjoy being stubborn and making believe I don’t need these things.

Pauline xx

Yes, I got one earlier on this year. It comes apart and fits in the car. I can enjoy going to the shops again and browsing. Other people can’t keep up with me!! Makes a nice change. Also went to the edge of a bluebell wood a few weeks ago, then used cane for last little bit. It was glorious. Definitely worth getting. No-one says anything except “Can I have a go?”. Jackie xx

I have one that comes apart and goes into the car…have to say though it’s too heavy for me to do. I believe there are now some that are incredibly light weight and fold into really small bags. Fold up ones are really the only option if you live in the country side. I don’t use mine very often but wouldn’t want to be without it! Nina x

Hi Pauline, there’s quite a few on the market now that fold and go into boot of car. There’s even one that folds into a suitcase on wheels… called a Luggie… but it’s expensive. If you google ‘mobility scooter in boot of car’ you should get links. My mother is getting one from Lloyds chemist. It takes apart and goes in a boot. It’s an incredible price at about £400 (although only goes 4 miles an hour… great for shopping… but mine goes at 10 mph which I like). Anyway go on Lloyds site and follow links to mobility scooter. They even deliver by courier. Have a good look round before you buy… but I tell you… it is simply the best thing I have ever bought. It gives me freedom and independence and I couldn’t now imagine life without it. Go ahead and ask more questions if you have some. Pat xx

Here’s the Lloyd’s link: Pat xx

PS remember you don’t have to pay VAT because you have a long-term chronic condition… lol… there’s some advantages to this MS lark… Pat xx

Cheers Pat, had a look at the site last night not bad prices to.

Pauline xx

I have been to see the MS nurse today and you can add camel to the list evidently. It is a blow up seat type thing to get you up from a fall, something I may be in need of as I am prone to a fall or three and am stuck on the floor until someone can get me up. Often lately my wife hasnt been able to and we have had to call our son. Last time he was in Nando’s and about to order and they had no onion rings, he took the order and just said come on we are going, the waiter said we have got other things to wich he replied “No onion rings I am not going to eat here” and left.

What a good post though I do have something to add. My feet slip on the carpet at the side of my bed when I first get up so my husband bought a long roll of that rubber sheeting ( just like the stuff that’s used on a dashboard to stop things sliding about ) I think he got it in P/stretchers. Anyway it just rolls up afterwards and it’s stopped me sliding about. Oh 1 more to add. We use a digital doorbell as an emergency call button.

Thanks for all your positive comments guys, the list is just what I use/ have found usefull, but what’s great is there have been lots of items everyone else has added, so hopefully people can see some of the things that are out there, if anyone not sure just look on the internet. Deborah

here is my post about the CAMEL

I wanted a pet dog and looks like I may be getting a CAMEL NAH not a sad face I have got lots of smiles I had a great day and I might be getting a pet camel

I came away from my spell in hospital with a Rotastand and a more funky version called a Return 7500 which enables me to be pushed along our landing in a standing position, then put on the loo. (The landing is just too narrow for wheelchairs). But the best thing they gave me was a sliding board. I can get in and out of the car with it, and transfer between my wheelchair and my armchair, and in some toilets I can slide across onto the loo. Free from the OT to add to all the other things they’ve given us Kev

This post might better be put in a new thread called ‘THE NEXT BIG THING’. It’s when you’re waiting for delivery of some new aid you’ve asked for or purchased, and you fall into the trap of thinking,“once I get the such-and-such EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT!” Anyone else been there? I’m lying in bed propped up awkwardly on pillows, watching raindrops on the window pane, and I find myself thinking, ‘when we get the new profiling beds in a few weeks time, it’ll be brilliant and life will be rosy again’. Well, it will be brilliant, but I’LL STILL HAVE SODDING PPMS!! Four years ago it was a walking stick, then two sticks, then hand rails on every conceivable place you could fit one, and a Derby half-step, then a stair lift, then a Manga cushion in the bath, then a Zimmer, then an electric scooter, then a MOBILITY CAR WITH HAND CONTROLS and a hoist for the scooter which was going to solve my problems at a stroke, then a better wheelchair (so now old one upstairs) then a recliner-riser armchair, then a ramp at the back door, then a Rotastand…then…then…then None of this stuff does anything about the ms, but it does actually improve quality of life, of course, so I’m not complaining though it may seem like it. When any of these becomes broken or unavailable you soon realise how much you rely on it. My fab armchair blew up last week. I can still rake the back up and down, but I can’t recline or use it to sit me up to transfer easily. No comfy snoozes, my legs just kick off and demand position changes which I can’t do. By gum, I can’t wait for it to be fixed!! I think I’ll have a little rest now after that outburst. Enjoy the weekend, folks.

Hi Kev

Yeah! Been there, bought the T-shirt, in fact you could have been writing about me in so many ways.

Crap weather here…thank goodness footy is on today…roll on the world cup.

Pam x

Kev that’s so sad but so true. I can relate to so much as well but not quite as dependant on as many aids yet. Methinks you think too much.

Cath xx