I am in limbo at the moment having every test known to man and whilst I am confident that I have ms. none of the professionals will commit. I can barely walk and I have so many bruises from losing my balance and falling over or walking into things I look battered.

Please please can someone tell me when this is going to stop? They wouldnt let an animal suffer the way that I am right now


i’m afraid i can’t tell you when it will stop.

make sure that your gp knows about your falls, it should get onto your medical records.

some people have been given an mri in A & E, so maybe next time you fall??

carole x

Thank you Carole,

I saw my GP yesterday and informed her that I had fallen many times having lost my balance, and on one occasion breaking my two front teeth. I fell out of the shower last weekend and as a result of the uncertainty my depression is getting worse, I am fast losing motivation. Her solution was to up my dose of citalopram from 20 to 30mg.

I have a brain scan 15 July and a potential brain electrical tests 18 July, I had MRI scan 6 June and they told me 6 to 8 weeks for results??? which part of them are failing to understand the pain and suffering I am going through?

God help me

Hi GarCat if you contact the MRI department and ask for the results to be sent to your GP they should get access to them the same day - providing it has been authorised (signed off test) your GP should then be able to discuss the results with you. This way you’ll have access to your results ahead of your appointment.

I had my results 2 days after the MRI but it does mean waiting for the neurologist appointment before you can ask any questions as I expect the GP will be reluctant to discuss any specifics. However your GP could send in an expedited referral to the neurologist requesting that you are prioritised in the event that there are any abnormalities identified in the result.

Hope this helps.