MRI Results?

As there had been considerable deterioration with my walking/balance my consultant ordered an mri with contrast in a 3T scanner when I saw him in December. We discussed my options depending on whether my problems were being caused by neuro inflammation or degeneration. These options are very limited as I have progressive ms. My mri took place at the end of January and I am still waiting for the result! I have spoken to radiology incase there was a backlog of reports at their end, there was not. I have telephoned the secretary twice who always promises to call me back but she does not.

I have had three falls since Christmas (one when my legs collapsed under me). I asked my GP to refer me to a neuro physio and I have had a couple of sessions but at the moment the exercises are causing a lot of muscle fatigue. Hopefully this will improve but because I have too much tone in my legs it is difficult to strike a balance.

I have new orthotics and I have switched from a single channel FES to a dual channel as my right hip flexors do not want to lift my leg. All the above will hopefully help and yet the cause is unknown. Feeling very frustrated!

Much to my annoyance the hospital sent me a text recently asking if I would recommend them to family or friends, unfortunately no room for comment just to give a mark out of 10!


Oh Grrrrrr Sue.

I am feeling your pain and irritation from here.

Have you tried writing to your neurologist? It’s bloody annoying to be so ignored. Do you feel like neurologists are tending to concentrate more on people with RR? Or is it that they are so inundated with patients that they deal with immediate issues and leave the progressives to one side?

I don’t know if I’m just fortunate, or whether there is such a post in many areas, I see a Neurological Rehabilitation Consultant. I used to see him as well as an MS specialist, but this last year have decided to just see the rehab doctor. He sees people with all sorts of neurological disorder, but is great at drugs advice, physio, Orthotics, OT, just all kinds of useful referrals.

In your situation, I’d be phoning the neurologists secretary to find out how and when you are going to get some feedback from the MRI. But, obviously you’ve tried that. So that leaves PALS (Patient Advice and Liaison Services). Perhaps they could intervene?


Oh I do hope you rated them low.

PALS could be one way to go but I don’t rate them very highly at our hospital.

Have you tried emailing your consultants secretary and copying it to PALS?

The waiting must be awful for you and I really hope you get some results soon.

Best wishes

Grandma x

I’m a newie to this forum, so bare with me. But is that the norm to have to wait so long for results ?

My Gp has arranged i go for an MRI scan, it’s next month. I was expecting that it would be like when i’ve had an Xray, and the results came only days later.

I’ve just completed a claim form for PIP, which went in the post yesterday. No doubt i’ll be called-in for a face-to-face medical, and i’d hoped by the time i have to go, i would have had the MRI results.

I have never waited this long before, the normal wait is weeks rather than days. My GP surgery has finally managed to talk to the consultant’s secretary and I have been told the result has now been dictated and I should receive it towards the end of next week! So four months this time round lets hope it is worth waiting for. I do hope you do not have to wait too long for your results. Sue