For the first time in 3/4 weeks, I feel lighter/brighter. The beast is in his cage, I’d thought for a while he was too big to fit back in! I did not believe my mantra ‘this too will pass’.

So there we are it happens to all of us, thanks for all the backup from my gang, you are the bestM

Well M darling that bit of news has brightened and lightened my day.

I give you the Golden Girl Award for making it courageously through another hard time…

Yep it happens to all of us and at times… ‘black dog’ as Churchill so aptly described it.

Glad that nasty old gorilla is back in his cage!

Lots of love hon,

Pat xxx

Hi M

That’s good news, so pleased for you

I also feel like I am coming out of a long dark tunnel, and

totally agree with you that sometimes it is hard to think

that the beast will go quiet again…but thank God it does.

Take care

Pam x

Sorry…forgot to say hope everyone else is doing ok.

Pam x

Glad that the beast is back in his cage M. Good news! Hope everyone is feeling as well as can be. Teresa xx

Hi folks

Just thought I’d send my favourite people and wish you a good weekend, take care and be safeThe gorilla is a brute BUT M

Thanks M!

The gorilla is a brute but laugh in his face eh?

Have a lovely weekend yourself,

Pat x

They even managed to bring King Kong down, didn`t they?

luv Pollx