liberty bodice anyone?


hope you’re all managing to keep warm.

a friend was talking about her outfit for a night out and instead of visualising it all i could think of was “she needs a liberty bodice”.

my nan used to make me wear one when i was a kid.

does anyone else remember them?

nowadays i wont go out without my long johns!

carole x

my great granny used to tell me what I couldn’t go out to school without my ‘body’ on!! Now as I’m sure you can image that prompted all kinds of comments from me and my brother. And even today my little niece still has a wee white vest - sorry I mean, body - for underneath her tops.

JBK xx

Dear me, I’ve heard of one, but not seen one, let alone worn one!

I do remember the dreaded “panty girdle”, though, that’s like an extra cast-iron pair of knickers, that you put on over your normal knickers, and over your tights. They do stop your tights going like Nora Batty’s, I’ll say that for them, but otherwise, so hot, uncomfortable, and impractical.

Can you even buy them any more? Not thought of or seen them for ages. I think I’d collapse of exhaustion, just trying to get them on and off now.



Think the dreaded “panty girdle” has been replaced by Magic Knickers which are, apparently, ideal under trousers as they are supposed to give the bottom a lift and avoid a VPL. Haven’t tried them but perhaps I should as the rear end is going south a bit!

thanks for replying

i know that they were out of date back in the early sixties when i used to create holy hell if my mum wanted me to put one on.

tina- never had the pleasure (?) of a panti girdle but remember my mum’s.

carole x


l did have to wear ‘liberty bodice’ when l was a tot. They were cream - with little rubber buttons. l think all washing was ‘boiled’ to death then.

Now l am enjoying my ‘heat holder’ tights and leggings - very glam.

Mightn’t a liberty bodice be something like a spacejacket?

Sorry, I’ve been drinking, and it’s encouraging free association… Hic!



I want some of whatever Tina is drinking!!! Sorry Spacejacket, that did make me laugh! hehe

Yes Carole, I can remember them.

In 1944/5, at least, both little boys and little girls were put into them.


l did laugh at Tina’ joke about the Liberty Bodice - lf they were called spacejackets all the kids would wear them - Tina - you could be on a good money-making scheme there. l remember them as being warm/cosy/comforting - but we zilch ‘allure’. So yes, a good name.

lts back to my ‘heat holders’ - to-day its the tights - and they do stay up well - [without a pantie girdle Tina] So no Norah Battys