Let's get high

Hi all, I have looked at this forum and tried to find an answer (admittedly no very hard), but I’m starting to have trouble with my mobility and spasticity, I have SPMS in my youth I also used to smoke the occasional funny cigarette. Question. Can I pick up habits from my youth again to ease these symptoms? Also, sorry for the Anon posting.

Well Anon, you don’t need to be covert to discuss this, but if you feel more comfortable that’s fine! I have never made any excuse for the use of my ‘funny cig’ & I won’t. I have been using cannabis for a very long time after exhausting every pain relief for my neuropathic pain, you name them. I’ve tried them. My life was totally useless on the prescribed drugs, & to be honest, they didn’t elevate the pain one bit. My only other option was a spinal stimulator, which is very invasive & might not have worked. I have chosen the natural remedy, not for everyone granted, but it works very well for me. I have SP. I only use it when the pain is really bad, not for recreational purposes. If you feel you could benefit from it, try it, I will continue my use, illegal or not xx


Thank Tracey. I don’t have any pain fortunately it’s just my movement. Do you think smoking again would be of any benefit?

Absolutely but i would look to vape or use edibles rather than smoke. If it wasn’t for cannabis, my spasms and spasticity would be unbearable. It helps me stretch and exercise and sleep better too. It’s an absolute disgrace that its not legal here for medical use.

I need to look into how I would vape it. Unless you’ve got any directions? :wink:

Best thing to do is buy a vaporiser and away you go basically. There are models to suit all budgets (some portable/others desktop) but the Volcano by Storz & Bickel is generally recognised to be the best model for medical use. Not cheap but I’ve had mine for nearly a decade and (fingers crossed) never had an issue. As with most things, you get what you pay for. Google is your friend basically - loads of info out there on the subject…

Me again! I have a vape that heats the ‘green’ in a ceramic chamber, it literally burns it with no need for tobacco, I don’t smoke. Like BB said, good models are a bit more expensive, mine was £43 not too bad really. It’s called XVAPE True Vaporizer, Vapormate, off Ebay. I do get my vape juice made for me by my son in law, bit fiddly but it works. He steeps the cannabis in the base oil & strains it otherwise it will clog your coils. I use the other 1 more though. xx

OK, I’ve had a look on amazon. Can get a handheld one on there for about £40. Seems quite reasonable. I don’t think I’ll be bothered to make my own juice. Thanks for your help everyone.

Mines handheld Simon. I have also bought some CBD juice from Vapemate, £18.99, that’s pretty good to be out & about with, joe public are still a tad down on cannabis use! I use that if I am on my travels! xx

Sweet, I have found some cbd vape oil I can buy online. I can just put that in my existing vape can’t I? It’ll have the desired effect won’t it? Then later on I can get a vaporiser that I can’t put the leaf into. Sorry for the buttload of questions

The 1 from Vapemate I can recommend Simon, I’m not sure about other producers. It’s not as strong TBH, but it has the desired result. I use my ordinary vape for the liquid & the afore mentioned 1 for the cannabis. xx