cannabliss oil for vaping

there’s a new vape shop in my town and the cannabliss oil in the window drew me in.

i’ve been puffing away and my aching bits are feeling better.

there is no high as that part has been removed.

happy days

c x

You know my opinion on it lovely, it works, although mine is handmade & is still intact so to speak, I believe it works very well, so no harm done. Glad you feel better on it xxx

hi tracey

my hands are no longer able to skin up so vaping is my only choice!

anyway whatever gives us relief is a good thing.

carole x

I take it, it is a legal way to use cannabis then?

what does skin up mean?


You are a sheltered Queen. Skin up means roll a joint.

Sue x

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Oh, I see and yeh, I guess I am happy in my naivety!


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Mine is vaped, raw, but vaped. I hate tobacco & smoking. Pure oil xxxx

Hi C

Would you say it is acting like an analgesic?


It most certainly does. I have awful neuropathic leg pain, to the point of physically crying. It is the only thing that gives relief, quickly. I get a good sleep, so refreshed enough to cope with it. I don’t do it all the time though, just when it’s pretty bad.

Hi all,

Is the vaping shop part of a particular chain, or is it generally available in any vaping shop? We have at least one independent shop locally.

As you can tell, I’m a complete vaping/smoking novice. I just googled it and found several different varieties of Cannabliss, is it a case of just finding a flavour you like and other than that, one is as good as another?

My partner has just been diagnosed with Parkinson’s (yeah, aren’t we the golden couple?), so we both would like to give it a try (actually, we’d like the real thing, but as medical marijuana’s not legal in the UK, FOR SOME STUPID REASON, we’re a bit stuffed).

Jo x

hi JoH

the cannabliss oil needed to be mixed with another - i chose mango and kiwi.

go in your local vape shop and ask the owner for advice.

the owner of mine has asked me to give him feedback in a couple of months.

he has several parkinsons patients, a number of cancer patients and odds and ends like me.

he wants to know what benefit we got.

for me it’s to avoid the side effects of neuropathic pain killers.

c x

Thanks Carole

Jo x


Unless you’re making your own oil for vaping I’d stay away, some of the additives aren’t good. You can make your own easily enough, one you have the FECO, you can mix it with the VG. There are plenty of good oils to buy, but I prefer the plant for vaping, gives me more control of over the strain, thus way it can be used differently for different requirements and I know which strains are better for me x

Hey, could you grow your own, it’s an option many patients chose, it’s really not difficult x

If anyone needs more info this is a great place to start

theres loads of great information that’s been approved by a professor, a consultant neurologist, some really interesting articles,

but im more than happy to help if I can x

Possibly, but it would mean I’d fail any random drug testing at work - I can’t use the “real thing”, I’d have to use something with the “good stuff” taken out, or a prescription to prove why I failed.

About once a month when I need it, I put three drops of cbd oil on my tongue, go to sleep for a good long time. No twitching, no tremor, big sleep. Feel better.

Can I just say something, without trying to being snotty in any way?! The talk of “the psychoactive part being removed from the oil” is a misnomer. The reason that there is no psychoactive reaction is because they are using a strain that is high in CBD and very very low in THC. The CBD naturally counteracts any psychoactive results from the THC, but it has to be in the oil - the oil has to be made from the whole plant and you can’t just pick out certain compounds and make a synthetic version of it - the whole plant is needed (it’s called the entourage-effect). This is the reason that big pharma’ doesn’t like cannabis - you can’t patent a whole plant and the whole plant is needed.

There are hundreds of strains, varying from the high-thc strains that get you stoned, to the high-cbd strains that have some serious medical values. The day that the government remove cannabis from Schedule 1, which states that it has no medical value, to a lower Schedule thereby enabling research to be done, will be a good day :slight_smile:

That’s the lesson over for today! :slight_smile:

Take care, whatever you choose to do. xx

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Speed the day, WIAA, there are so many currently untreatable diseases/conditions which would really benefit from medicinal cannabis and we are looking to be better - not high!