weed question - sorry as dont mean to offend anyone


For those who use cannabis (hope i spelt it rite sorry)as a pain reliever when all other meds fail or make you feel worse. Can you tell me if one would have to smoke this throughout the day to keep pain at bay? Or is there an 'amount that one would have to eat, smoke whatever one does with it - to keeep pain at bay please?

thnx in reply everyone

[Moderator note: FYI Cannabis is still classified as a class B drug. Posession can be penalised by up to 5 years in prison.]


Not many forum users use cannabis i think, or atleast talk about. I don’t use it (yet) but their is plenty of info to be found on:

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i have smoked a joint when my legs were painful.

i asked one of my son’s friends and he said he had to nip home, he came back with a spliff.

it worked like magic.

the lad was concerned for me and kept asking if i was ok so i said i can feel no pain at all.

5 minutes later i started giggling and saying that i could feel no legs at all.

but when my bladder made me get up i had to ask my son to help me up the stairs.

i havent done it since.

by the way son and his mate are late twenties and i’m not an irresponsible parent.

carole x

Tried it in my thirtes when I was going through a bad patch. Believe me anon…it wasn’t one of my better ideas…leave it alone. xxx

When living in the UK my GP suggested if I could lay my hand on some cannabis as the pain control drugs they could prescribe was not touching the pain. I would take a couple of puffs and it seemed to relax the muscles and ease the pain. Did that for a couple of months till the pain subsided. I have had the need to use it again. I wouldnt think twice about using it if I had to.

I agree with Blossom anon.

Go very careful. After working in mental health for 12 years I have seen what this drug can do to people. And it’s not nice.

Hope you can find some other way to control the pain.

Take care.

Shazzie xx

l have been using Sativex spray - the cannabis based med licensed for ms use. My GP prescribes it on the NHS. lt makes a big difference to pain and muscle spasticity.

Did try the real thing - a few years ago. lt certainly helps with pain etc. but it is so difficult to get the ‘dose’ right as it does keep on working for quite a while.

ln this weeks Pathways - page 8. Quote: Sativex does not effect driving ability.

Sativex, the cannabis-based spray, improves MS spasticity without effecting patients’ abilities to carry out day to day tasks including driving, according to research presented at the ECTRIMS conference in Copenhagen.

A German study showed that patients taking an average of 5.2 Sativex sprays each day for 4 to 6 weeks had no loss of driving ability. lt also had no effect on cognition or mood. MS spascitiy and spasms improved and the drug was said to be well tolerated.


Sativex has the ‘euphoria’ part removed.

The reason l like this med, so much, is l did try Baclofen and Tizanidine - and both these meds left me like a cabbage. l could hardly think straight - let alone not able to get up out of a chair. And that was on a low dose. Both these meds say you should not operate machinery or drive. When l first asked about trying Sativex - my GP - said you would not be able to drive whilst taking it. And l said - Well l certainly can’t drive taking Baclofen or Tizanidine - ln fact l would not be able to get up and out to the car. So l have only taken my Sativex in the evening when l am at home - never taken it if l am going to drive anywhere - just in case. So this news that says it does not effect driving ability - will not make a difference - as l will not drive whilst under the ‘influence’ of any drug. Amitriptyline included.

My driving license means a lot to me - so does my full no claim.

Do ask your GP/Neuro if you can be prescibed Sativex. The cost is nothing like many other drugs that pwms are prescribed.

l take 3-4 sprays a day.

There must be no history of mental health problems with Sativex use anon. x

I had a joint in Amsterdam many moons ago. Two words,"Rubber Legs"Never have i used it since.



I did try it in chocolate but spent 2 days throwing up and binned the rest. They told me afterwards that it was a particularly strong batch and then the police closed them down. I am an x cop and have always hated the smell of weed.

Pregabalin is helping me but I might check out whats new on my review.

Thanks for the info



This is the problem with ‘the real thing’. You do not know - unless its home-grown - what type/strength/purity the weed is.

And then the dosage - l certainly cannot smoke it - Never smoked in my life - And if it is made into chocolate or cookies - l would still not know how much to eat. And if it was either l would eat the lot if it was ‘scrummy’.Then regret it.

There must be many different types of plants. And different strengths. Trial and error - could be dangerous.

From what I’ve heard it works well for pain relief if you don’t mind your head being screwed up, in other words I think for me it’s something I may use in the future. Not now though, have enough problems with cognative issues.

Good luck

Wendy x

I am remaining anon for a very very obvious reason!!

I am a proponent of cannabis and I have found that by far the best strains are medical cannabis, they have more or equal of CBd (therapeutic cannabinoid) and THC (Stone effect cabinnoid). As these strains have higher levels of CBD they don’t get you stoned as the higher levels of CBD negate the high effects of the THC.

I put in a grow in my flat and almost got caught but ruined the crop as I didn’t dry it properly. Two and a half year and I have just complete a successful second grow in stealth wardrobe (first one was tent, knew what they were looking at!). I have got myself a supply of the stuff that really helps me and lets me do things when I need to. I have been forced down this road as there is no way that I will qualify for Sativex under the current NICE care guidelines. The government says that cannabis has no medicinnal value and is still a class B drug. I cannot afford to buy it off the streets as it is now £10 per gram and you don’t what quality you are getting or how it has been grown, but you do know where it has come from if you have grown it.

I am fully aware of the repurcussions of doing this, but my hand has been forced and I have to resort to such desperate measures as production of cannabis. I am not doing this lightly and have thought about it deeply, long and hard, and weighed the pro’s and con’s and decided to take the risk.

Although cannabis is a Clas B drug, professional medical people (Dr Nutt) have said that alcohol and tobacco are more dangerous than using cannabis. What it is not understood by the masses is that the human body has natural system in the bpdy called the endocanninoid system, which has the largest amount of receptors around the body, this is why we react so well to cannabinoids. Death from cannabis excess is impossible, yet alcohol and tobacco account for so many deaths are year, are legal and taxed heavily. Where is the fairness in that? IF the government made it possible for people to grow it legally a recent report said that if it was properly regulated it could conceivably raise £1.5 billion in taxes!


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