Hello everyone.

I have been smoking Marijuana of late as it really helps me with stiffness and general MS aches and pains. Nothing else has helped me and the side effects are minimal other than feeling a bit high. I don’t like this side effect for the most part as it stops me trying to get on with my day. Blah. I dunno. It hardly compares to the the side effects i get from other more aggressive drugs i’ve been prescribed legally. ANYWAY, I wanted to know the type of strain i should be asking for. Low THC? I don’t really know but i am aware of some folks who can supply different types for different needs so wonder if anyone had any info on this. I know there will be information on this online but i’d rather get my info from real people who have real life experience.

Any help will be much appreciated.


hi kate

google medical marijuana which is legal in a lot of the US states.

good luck

carole x

Please be aware that marijuana is currently illegal in the UK. Bear this in mind when discussing its uses as these forums are public.

E.g. you may want to use the anon function…

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Thanks for your input everyone! I will probably try make “space cakes” at some point as i don’t like smoking tobacco or i may get a vaporizer! Yes it is illegal and boy do i feel shit that i’ve been left with the option of having to call a drug dealer and go meet him and make a coded transaction when all i want is to feel a little less shitty. Quite often while barely being able to see or walk! I think it’s a travesty that i can no longer get it on the NHS. It’s the only thing that helps me! No big money to be make from agenda setting pharmaceutical companies i guess. I hope we go the same way as many American states. As for “street” pot being cut with other things, I would say it is maybe cut with rubbish useless bits of weed but i’ve never heard of any being cut with anything stronger and i’ve known a few stoners in my younger days! Ha! But yes, you can accidentally get some super strong skunk or the like which i don’t believe is helpful and makes me feel terrible/paranoid/anxious. I have been led to believe that a certain strain is good for MS, i read online that 3/2 ratio of CBD to THC is maybe a way to go. The strain called Sativa (known legally as Sativex?) is something i will be looking into also thank you. Think it will be a case of trial by error. I did get a bit of misplaced guilt going on when i first started smoking for pain relief but really, what the heck is that all about?! Some left over school days stuff! Shed that guilt! And thank you for your advice admin. Appreciated. If i have any breakthroughs (and i intend to) i wil report back as anon!

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keep off the stuff!

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krakowian, i think you may misunderstand me. It is the only pain relief that makes me feel any better. I would be quite mad to “keep off the stuff”.


People don’t seem to realise that you can take much smaller amounts for pain relief than is taken for recreational use. You don’t have to become a “pot head” in order to feel the benefits. I feel that it could replace three of the heavy duty legal drugs I’m taking. Have you actually looked in to the drugs we being prescribed? The side affects of using pot, sensibly, are far less severe and less damaging than most of the other stuff we take including over the counter drugs.

Kate, your right your guilt was miss placed. It such a shame that you are forced into the position of go to drug dealers. I’m fortunate in knowing people how grow their own (for personal use) so when I do try it I can try some of theirs. And get advice from them about growing my own.

If it helps you, Kate, you stick with it!


totally agree with teddie. I find it very annoying and irrational that taking/having/thinking about cannabis (even more so for home grown) is a criminal act. If Its a crime, it is certainly victimless.

I would support the decriminalization of it, or even better the medicinalization of it to protect its misuse the same way that other controlled substances are.

No need for guilt Kate. You didn’t ask for ms.

Kate, Do you get the New Pathways magazine - MS-UK. l have read it for some years now. lt used to have lots in it about cannabis use - even advice on how to use it. This morning - having a bit of a clear out, l found an old mag - dropped down behind my bookshelf. Before throwing it away l thought l would just take a peek, and in it was more about cannabis.

lowest grade stuff is the hashish resin; the stuff that looks like oxo cubes. you will gain a good effect from it, but its price matches its quality; ie. both are low.

grass is the next step up, but if it is dark coloured and brownish, it too is the lowest quality ‘floor sweepings’. it will likely contain a high proportion of twig and branch material. again, it will do the trick, but the quality is quite lamentable and medicinal effect is potentially variable.

skunk / super skunk etc are the high end cannabis products; usually very fresh and potently stinky. it should feel sticky or even moist to the touch and will invariably be covered in crystal like granules. the colour of the leaf will be a vibrant green occasionally with flecks or red or purple, (depending upon the strain of plant material). this is the stuff vilified as the ‘gate way, class-A, reefer madness drug’. It is not cheap.

with all things considered, you will not die from cannabis use but you will more than likely derive some beneficial effects from it. i have witnessed first hand, the pain relief and well being it gives to those with MS or undergoing therapies for cancer. that it remains illegal in this day and age, is a damning statement of legislative apathy and little more. it is the plant which has been cultivated for the longest time by the human species; we are talking caveman stylee (for food, fuel and fibres)!!!

if placed in the situation of needing some ‘herbal relief’ i would opt for the highest quality skunk variety that I could get my hands on and simply use less of it. A nice cup of tea before bed time can potentially provide 48 hours of relief. You will likely sleep through the initial ‘stoned’ phase and wake up the next day wondering why all the fuss. The lower quality stuff will be ‘cut’ with crap, but I have never heard of a scenario where other compounds (cocaine, opium, ecstasy, amphetamine etc) were added secretly.

But yes, it is illegal and thus will be procured from a ‘criminal’. And yes, there is evidence that sustained / heavy use can exacerbate the mentality of anyone predisposed to paranoid / schizophrenic tendencies.

Good luck.

I buy my medicinal seeds from [Edited by Moderator. Please discuss this by PM]

excellent service. You can save a fortune & feel a lot safer. In make cannabutter & have a little cake a night. No more spasms, pain, insomnia. And in the morning I have improved balance & more sensation in my feet. I will never take it in the day, as I may want to drive etc.

medical strains have more CBD than THC, which is the high. Smoking or vaporising is more likely to make you high & doesn’t last very long compared to ingesting. The cannabinols can not be ingested without assistance from being dissolved in fat, which takes a couple of hours. Again the internet is a great source. Not sure how the milk drink works.

im sure his will wind a few people up. For some of us, there is little choice. My dad has cancer. If you ever saw someone in the latter stages, as I did with another relative, who died holding my hand, you would not consider the morality of using illegal plants.

hope info useful &abets wishes

Hi, I use cannabis in milky tea at night to sleep and for spasms, it works the same as cannabutter with the fat in the milk.

How do you use it in tea or milk ?


Simone - l think you said before that you use the leaves chopped up and infused in milk. l suppose it is trial and error as to how much you use.

And you can just snip bits off a growing plant.

l have heard of plants growing after birds have dropped bits of bird seed from the feeder - often marijuana seeds are in bird seed.

This does sound a good way to try it if you can’t get Sativex. Growing your own plant means nobody is messing with it - putting lots of dangerous stuff to make the weight up.

Hi all,

I just want to remind you that the safety and efficacy of cannabis is widely debated by medical professionals.

Cannabis is a class B drug and illegal in this country. People with MS have been prosecuted for possession in the past, and there is no indication from law enforcement that this is likely to change in the future.

We would like to remind all forum users this is a public forum and can be seen by anyone.

We don’t ban anyone for talking about Cannabis, however we need to be careful we don’t put the MS Society at reputational risk. The risk here is that someone reading this conversation might think we advocate breaking the law.

I’m afraid for that reason we now need to lock this thread.

I hope you all understand, we don’t want to jeopardise the future of this forum.

Thank you for your support, we really appreciate it!