Hi all Wee question I’ve had balance and weakness problems with legs and trip over my own feet also get legs jerking out on their own through out the day and night. don’t like going out much because of all this . Now I’ve noticed that I’m getting a burning feeling in both legs through out the day and night but feel really bad first thing in morning. When I stand up my legs don’t seem to want to go straight right away and do a bounce up and down which all this is very uncomfortable. My feet feel like ice cold when going to bed but when I get up they are hot . Has anyone else suffered like this as it’s starting to annoy me now . P’s medication I’m on is back of en and tecfidera x

Hi Lucy

I often have hot prickly feet & lower legs in the morning, and sometimes at other random times of the day. I usually either use Deep Freeze (either the gel or spray), or sit with my legs over the side of the bath and shower my feet down with cold water for a few minutes, which usually does the trick.

As for the balance & weakness problems, ask to be referred for physio, but make sure it’s one who specialises in neurological conditions. They’ll be able to help improve things for you. Or you could take up Pilates lessons (or use a DVD or Youtube), as Pilates is designed to improve your core strength & balance (the exercises I do that my physio gave me are based on Pilates). Also, a FES machine may be worth a go, which help with foot drop. I’ve not used one myself, but I know someone who does & she thinks it’s great. Speak to your MS nurse to find out more.

Hope that helps


I have balance problems and weakness on my left side. I’m lately tripping over my left foot a lot and am having problems bending my left leg to go down stairs. I have no tremor in my legs but for “restless leg” episodes but tremor sometimes in my left fingers. Reading the Barts blog it seems that demyelinating attacks set the scene for “progression” (further nerve loss) in the same sites.

There was an article today that I found interesting, today, on the Barts blog (Multiple Sclerosis Research: MS Basics - SPASTICITY) that I found interesting you may not.

Best wishes.

My physio also told me the exercises she gave me were based on pilates.

I have various sensation and balance problems with my legs for several years now. I have difficulty with walking because I can’t feel my feet

I have some DVDs made by the MS Society and the MS Trust which are designed for carrying out sitting down you can do them just about anwhere

There is no question that exercise does help, I notice the difference between times when I exercise and times when I am too busy at work or tired to do any exercise