Does anyone else feel this?

Hi, I newbe diagnosed. My lingering symptoms are numb hands and feet, bad balance and fatigue. Except for numb hands and feet which remain constant the other symptoms vary in intensity. I walk round the park every day but after two laps my walking starts to get irregular, my breathing a little harder and my balance goes off a little almost like I am drunk. If I sit down for ten mins it seemed to recover. It feels like my legs lose all there strength somehow. I guess I just wonder if anyone else feels this way? Be good to hear from someone.

Hi I was diagnosed 3 months ago. I had similar issues but particularly numbness in my left arm and weakness in the legs. I have found the hot/cold treatment helps. Put something cold on ur legs, bag of frozen peas or similar then a hour or so later put hot water bottle on them. The change in temperature on my legs helps them recover quicker. Haven’t found anything to help the pins and needles in the arms yet though. I wish you all the best.

Thanks for that. Feels weird when your legs just feel weak. Still could be worse I guess. Thanks again for replying.

Hi Wibbly Wobbly, you describe how my first physical symptoms began. Best advice I can give you is keep up with those daily walks, but rest when your body tells you to. I have had a MS fatigue management lady visit me today and the advice she gave me was to carry on exercising, do not let it stop you, but give yourself rests and plan your day so you have energy in reserve. I have to take a stick with me now when I go for walks. I know the lake I walk around is a measured mile (I used to run it, several laps at a time, LOL) so I use that to measure my distance ability. I walked the whole thing yesterday without the stick, today I made about 100 yards and turned and came back to the car as I was already struggling and had other things to do which needed that energy more. My dog hates me today.

As it is inflammation of the damaged area of nerves that is causing the symptoms during exersion, I am going to try an ice pack between my shoulders where my lesions are and see if that improves recovery time. If anyone else uses ice packs to reduce inflammation I’d be pleased to hear of any advice… (not to hi-jack your thread Wibbly)


Thanks Nikki, I thought I would get a notification when a reply landed. Apparently not hence why I have just seen this. I appreciate your advice greatly.


I use a combination of iced-water (to drink) and ice-packs to put on the back of my neck/head between the shoulder blades during Taekwondo training, means I can get through an hour and a half session without looking like I’ve had more than a few pints of cider at the end of it; I’m also more able and less fatigued the following day.

If it’s so bad have you considered steroids? I had a really bad relapse two years ago and I kept putting off taking them. When I finally took them I was miles better, symptom free in fact!


Symptoms almost the same as mine. Zombiesquirrel in my opinion rights, do not neglect exercise, especially if the ability to fully stand and walk remained.