Legs vibrating and twitching after exercise?

I’ve been having this happen for a while now, usually when I’ve been bending washing my hair or after sex (sorry). I can’t walk much anymore so sex is about the only exercise I get and it seems to be really hard on my thighs…last night was the worst of these symptoms ever, after we’d done the deed my leg started vibrating so hard that the beg was shaking! It stopped when I moved it, but then I tried to stand up and it shook like mad and vibrated again, then I collapsed back on the bed and my leg spasmed painfully - I was unable to stand for about 2 hours afterwards.

I hate this symptom. I don’t want to not be able to have sex anymore. Does anyone have any advice? Perhaps I should work my leg muscles a bit more often? This has really hit me hard and made me feel like crap.

Oh, and is this symptom what’s known as myclonic jerks? My leg shakes really fast and it’s a very strong sensation. It’s so horrible!

I currently take tramadol and fampridine.

Hi Anon,

Sorry to hear about your problems. There are many different drugs that can control myoclonic jerks, I suffered badly with them. Tell your ms nurse and she should be able to prescribe something to help you, but you could also ask your gp. I take clonazepam and keppra.



Thankyou Janet x

Not many replies

So…does anyone else experience fast-vibrating, shaking legs after exertion or doing too much? Are there any other tips for combatting it? It’s such a weird sensation, like I am possessed or something.

I can’t claim to have your specific difficulties, but find 375mg of magnesium greatly eases spasm and cramp.

Hi Anon, this might be of help… link below to MSS fact sheet on sex and intimacy. You can download it.


If you have an MS nurse, ask if you can see her/him or chat on phone. Don’t be embarrassed about this. Sex is an issue that affects many MSers and the nurse will be used to talking about it.

Hope this helps,

Pat x

I’d count myself pretty fit and strong well as fit and strong as I can be with MS exercise its self doesn’t make my legs jerk but when me and my girlfriend are having sex when ever it gets near the moment when I’m about to cum my legs go into such a painful spasm and it puts me right off and thats the end as far as things go :frowning: we’d really like to try for a baby one day but I can’t see how.

I feel really sorry for my girlfriend lucky we met after I got MS and she knows thats the way I am she does’t worry and says its alright as long has she has me but It still worries me :frowning:

I really feel for you to