legs so so stiff?

Hello to all you lovely people, another wee query AGAIN from me, sorry!

I feel things have got a lot worse of late although I started Tysabra in December so part of me is hoping against hope it just a blip.

I did have a wee slip/fall 3 weeks ago rendering me with a dodgy knee injury which indeed is not as sore now.

It’s my legs guys from hips all the way down. I feel as though there are elastic bands wrapped around them. It reminds me of when I was fit and able to run/exercise how you would feel after a big run, general tightness and uncomfortable. The legs twist and jump uncontrollably as well.

I have been awake the past two nights on and off and walk slowly like a robot… only about the house, I wouldn,t dare leave the house. I take 2 brufen and 2 paracetamol in the hope this will pass.

I do realise I am very lucky to still be as able bodied as I am but just wondered if anyone has had this and is there anything else I can do?

Sorry for the long moan and thanks in advance for any advice.


Hi Mary

The best treatment I have had was an aromatherapy massage.

Sounds daft but it was so blissful I’d have one every day (wouldn’t work socially distanced).

If someone in your bubble could massage your legs that would be great.

otherwise are you able to massage your own legs?

I have a pot of Hemp cream which I am hoping will work wonders - not yet though I’m afraid.

It is horrendous when you aren’t able to trust your legs to leave the house, or indeed inside the house!

I am so slow like a hybrid of a tortoise and a slug.

I have crutches, sticks and poles but I’m seriously thinking of a wheelchair now.

I am afraid of baclofen because they make me to feel reluctant to come downstairs.

Sorry Mary for adding my own long moan!

Having a fall makes you lose confidence which doesn’t easily return!

Anyway you sound like a strong Scottish lady and I’m sure you will find a way through.

Carole x (a soppy sassenach)

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Thank you so much, I have just recently been given a stick from the physio which I promise I will use when I go back to work. I truly hope that I can continue doing the job I love. I will certainly try the massage, thanks for the tip.

Thanks again Carole

Hi Mary,

I’m sitting here typing and just thinking that my legs, from the knees down are like the tin man’s legs. Then read your message.

I’m on Baclofen, tizanidine, both muscle relaxants. I also have foot drop in my left foot too.

I stretch my legs as often as I can also standing with my toes on a step or block of wood I drop my heels to stretch my calves.

I massage my legs with a wooden roller from the ‘torso shop!’ But have just bought a theragun, not sure if it’s doing any good.

I used to walk with a stick, but now I use a frame as it’s safer as I kept tripping.

If you have an MS nurse you should ask them to refer you to a physio who will assess you and suggest exercises that may help…

Take care


Thank you so so much Jen. This ms really plays us a horrible wee journey, having great people like you all really help with your advice. The stick will be good once I practice with it as I’m kinda more a danger to folk with it just now lol smiley. Keep well everybodyheart

I’m going to stress some type of massage, too. When my daughter was home, she’d rub my legs when it got bad, but I’ve found that just having my large dog lay on them helps, too.

I don’t know if this would work, but have you considered trying a weighted blanket? Other than the dog at random intervals, I can’t tolerate heavy blankets, but my non-MS, possible-Lupus son uses one and loves it.

Hi May,

With a stick,just make sure it’s the right height. To your wrist.

The hospital will have set the right length. I bought some fancy folding ones.

Good luck and try not to trip anyone up!!


Thanks so much fo all your really helpful advice. The weighted blanket and wooden roller are my new purchases and I will continue to practice with the stick. The stick I got from ms physio is a hospital one which is sturdy and was measured to my height. I would love to get a stick which is as sturdy but brightened up a bit, if you get what I mean. I didn’t know if I could buy sticks which would be ok. You guys are the best, thank you all so much.xx

I’ve used a folding stick for years now, and I love it! It has a flat handle, rather than a curved one, so it’s easier for me to use. Online stores, like the one named after the big South American river, sell them in different colors and patterns for about 23 pounds, I believe.

What I like best is that mine came with a drawstring bag to hold it when I’m not using it. It takes up a little more space than a folding umbrella, but it still fits in a large purse or totebag.

Thanks again, this big South American River is where I have managed to purchase so far so I’ll have a look at the sticks. With covid and all I’ve been lucky

Thanks again for this info my, basket at this certain place will now have a wee extra purchase once I have a look. Mary x