Stiff Legs :o(*

My mobility has steadily become worse over the last 2 years, even though I have my four weekly Tysabri Infusions, this is a big blow for me, as I am ‘normally’ OK, and manage to get by doing usual stuff. I can cope with most things, but this is making me very sad.

Over the last few days, my poor little legs have got very stiff and I seem to be walking like ive got 2 lollipop sticks strapped to my legs ! What is causing this ??? Will it go ???

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.


Hi fairy dust, I get spasticity in my legs, I take Baclofen, 60mg a day, however over the last couple of days they seem to have got worse, really stiff and painful, I’m putting it down to the change in weather, could this be the same for you ?, speak to you’re GP or MS nurse, good luck and take care, Jean x

Hi, yeh, as Jean says, leg stiffness is usually caused by spasticity.

Even though I am now a full time wheelie, it still causes me a problems in transfers…my legs can shoot straight out and refuse to bend at the knee. i just have to give them a few moments to calm down. Then they usually judder a bit in talkback cheek!

Baclofen is a good drug for the problem…but it can take a while to work out which dosage is best for you.

luv Pollx


I get stiff legs sometimes, they haven’t been so bad they’ve affected my walking, and I have found it passes after a couple of days. Apparently tumeric is pretty good for spasticity.

Eski x


How cold is it where you are? You say it’s been bad over the last few days - I’m in Aberdeen, and it’s been cold here since Thursday, snow today. My legs get incredibly stiff when it’s cold, could that be a factor?

Luisa x