Legs not working!!!

I am currently on holiday in Spain. Having a lovely time and managed quite long walks by taking it slowly and having lots of breaks. I thought I was doing ok but think I may have over done it!! … Both my calves ate now in terrible pain! (even to touch!) I can hardly walk! And if I have to walk down steps or a slope jeez! It’s painful!! I’m having to hold my husbands hand like a walking stick. It’s awful! They’ve never been this bad before. Do you think it is just a bit of over walking? Has anyone experienced this? Thanks guys :slight_smile: X

Hi, Sorry to hear you’ve now got problems, it could well be that you may have over done it and if the weather is hot, not a good combinaton. Hope you feel better soon.



Thanks Janet I’m on baclofen for spasicity but I don’t normally walk that much! My calves really tightened up and became very painful! but with a couple of days rest they’re feeling ok ish again now. I’m guessing it was just the over walking. X