Leg pain that won't go away - Living room Olympics!

Oh, what a day I've had.

Finished launching the 34 inch flat LCD telly onto a swivelly mount, done.  

Moved three pieces of furniture around, after vaccing under where they go/went, and one of them upstairs.  Filled it with handbags (it's a small cupboard). Done.

Vacced the whole room with the Vax. Done.

Took the wheely bin out (3/4 full, small) and the recycling bag (huge and very full) for collection tomorrow.  Done.

Moved one gas bottle outside, one to the back door (bottled going out with it, pun not intended) and one into the fire. Done.


Took 2 indometicin for the back pain rising up from my lower back to my neck, in a progressive fashion, and sat on the arm of the sofa to let it, and the right leg sciatica and knee pain that's been bothering me all yesterday and this day before I did the living room olympics, subside. Which they have.


But not the pain down the back of my right thigh. Lunchtime, it was in my calf too. Doesn't feel like sciatica, and never have had that in my left leg anyway.  And this isn't responding to fairly beefy NSAIDS.  Same sort of pain in my left wrist, too.  


Methinks I did too much and now have gone over that indefinable edge into neuropathic pain.  Bother!


But it's tidy and now there's space for the dogs to go round and round the sofa without bumping into things.  And my handbags (some very nice heirloom ones in there) are now being well looked after, and I've even taken all the dead leaves off the plants!


First thing the kids said when they came back from their dad's this weekend was 'where's the Christmas Tree going to go' (rolls eyes).






"Methinks I did too much"? Methinks er, yeah!

Just getting the hoover out is too much for me, lol!

Karen x

Weeeelllll,  I only do it once a week, and I have two dogs and a cat!


The kitchen is a tip to compensate.  Was going to do it this evening but there's no heating and no insulation and it's blinking cold in there.


I'm off early to bed. Have a nice Oyster Stout to finish supping and then shall have one whisky as reward for the efforts, walk Cracker the 7 month old terrier round the corner, and then go to bed.