I've been a cow all weekend

I have been a cow all weekend. Just as one symptom goes I get another one.For the last four days my hands still have burning sensation , my arms feel like they are tightly bound in cling film.(keep waking up doing a visual check, no fire, no cling film present) I get the feeling my brain is like my computer when it tells me it can’t find the printer and I’m there saying “it’s next to you” If only i could look down, see that none of this is happening and my brain just says a quick sorry and turns of those messages. have now got the feeling of being bitten by ants. The heat just made me exhausted and symptoms worse and that made me grumpy as hell.I now have to apologise to the ones i love cos they really took the brunt of it and that isn’t what they deserve.

It’ll probably be the heat - it’s a killer for some of us - makes everything worse :frowning:

Burning can be helped with ice packs. I’ve got a few really big ones that I rotate between my burning legs and the freezer. The real cold signals help to override the fake burning ones.

I can’t remember if you’re taking any neuropathic painkillers? It sounds like you should be…

Karen x

Oh love, it is enough to make us all cowbags, eh?

I can`t stand the heat either…thankfully it is cooler today, eh?

luv Pollx

“Just seeing you look calmer and more chilled is all I need”
What my OH said the other evening when I was trying to explain why I was being even more of a b88ch than is normal
I cried!
I love my :ugeek: Mike!!!

I’m sure you weren’t a cow and if you were I’m sure its because you felt like crap!!!
I’ve had the feeling of being stung by ants all day today, I almost wanted to scratch my skin off. Its really horrible when you feel like this and it seems to go on for ever. But you will get a good day and it will make you smile again and remember what how to feel human…I hope you smile soon. xx

Time for a new GP!!! Sound useless :frowning:


Your GP needs a headscan to find out if he/she has any gray matter AT ALL!
Forgive me if I’ve misunderstood what you said …Was he/she inferring belief that you have a drink problem - because unless you have advised your Dr that you drink a bottle of Buckfast a day - splutter, mutter, :o :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :? :frowning: :o :shock:
If you are a patient in a group practice it might be worth trying one of the other partners there. You might also actually make an appointment with the practice manager to express your concerns about how the GP appears to view you. 4 units/month is so near to teatotal as no nevermind!
The good news is now the weather is turning and you won’t have to endure very high tempertures for a while. I hope you get to see your neuro soon - maybe he can give you some better advice than ‘live with it!’

l wrote:
Thanks for the support. Apologies said to everyone. i'm not taking anything at the moment.Dr suggested paracetamol which really does nothing.have been told to wait til i see the neuro.apparently it is a minor inconvenience and not life threatening, when i asked if these symptoms will go and when was told to just live with it , it may be as good as it gets and be there permanently.also said it was quite common for alcohol abuse. i probably have about 4 units a month and at the moment even the merest amount gives me a whopping great headache so havent had any for 3 months now.see neuro soon . hoping she'll be more helpful. lynn

If your GP thinks paracetamol is going to do anything for neuropathic pain then he/she needs to go to remedial classes for thick doctors. I agree with others who say you should give up on this type pronto and get yourself a decent GP - they are worth their weight in gold. Don’t despair, there are drugs to treat these kind of symptoms (while they’re bothering you - with luck it will ease off in time anyway), but they generally can only be prescribed by someone who is not a moron.