Lead water pipe and MS. Anyone know much? Hmmmm.

Hiya all.

I was wondering around the internet and started looking at lead water pipes into homes. All old homes seem to have these.

I then looked at lead poisoning and there is a whole array of symptoms that effect the nervous system. Including our old friend, the myelin sheath which is eroded and the axons of the nerve cells are lost.

There is soooo much on this and so many symptoms that are similar to good old MS including: Loss of sleep, numbness, nausesa, abdominal pains,slurred speech, short term memory loss, metallic taste in the mouth, muscle weakness.

I have never seen or missed posts on any investigations or news on lead. No way am I an expert on this but it has now got me curious. Can it be part of the equation of MS? Certain people or events combining? Otherwise everyone would have MS, I suppose.



hi marty

we’ve all been poisoned in some way through living in the 21st century

mercury in our teeth

lead in our water

Hmmmmmmmm (pinched your closing phrase)

carole x

And I have to have 2 fillings replaced on friday! And where I work has lead pipes but I never drink the water there. It does make you wonder though …

Tonka, Make sure you do not have amalgum fillings!!! - Although, its very rare to find a dentist who still does them in 2013.

Lead weights for fishing have been banned for years - but there is still evidence of them still being used.Heavy metal poisoning. Causes terrible damage to swans etc. lt damages their central nervous system - as in MS. Lead in paint is banned - and l am sure lead water pipes must be -

Had my mercury fillings changed 28yrs ago. Two years after being diagnosed with MS. The composite fillings are still in good condition and have never been any trouble. No nasty metallic taste in mouth - and less sensitivity.


I have worked in the water industry (drinking water) since leaving school 12 years ago. Most homes in and around london will have a lead supply. Years of water running thru a pipe will “coat” the inside with a residue. They say that would stop any lead getting into the water. But you never know.

If you have a metalic taste in your tap water, they will come and sample it and make sure its safe.

Lead is not the only questionable material used for drinking water pipes. I have worked on many asbestos pipes too.


Hi Darren

Thanks for your insight. So with all these millions of homes we don’t want a riot on our hands if everyone knew they were getting poisioned and as the country is broke it’s the last thing the government wants.

I have had a metalic taste a few months ago several times, I wondering if the residue coating came away in places?

Food for thought and as in my post the symptoms of having exposure to lead are so much the same as MS.

Hmmmm again.