Hello guys Can anyone point me in the direction of good research, on fluoride and the effects on the nervous system please. :slight_smile:

Hi Jen Trouble is, there is a lot of info. I’m wanting some reliable research. :slight_smile:

I had fluoride supplements as a child, too. If I were a parent today, I wouldn’t do this - particularly as it was probably in the water anyway, so we may have been getting a double dose. But I’m sure my parents only did what they thought was best - and what our dentist had suggested - at the time.

I do have excellent teeth - just two very tiny pinhead fillings.

I’m aware of the possible nero-toxic effects, but sceptical as to whether this has any bearing at all on my MS, as it transpired it was already in the family, in a generation well before fluoridation of the water supplies. So I think genes are a much greater contributor than anything I may have eaten, drunk, or done.

I can’t point you to a single source of reputable research on the subject. As you say, there is too much, rather than too little. And in a way, I feel all the reading is futile (for me, I mean - not necessarily for you). I’m fairly certain I’ll never know exactly how or why I got MS, but that it wasn’t due to just one thing. The fact is, I’ve got it now, so even if I did think there was a fair chance something happened in childhood that contributed, I still wouldn’t think it was the sole cause, and anyway, there’s no turning the clock back. Even if I learnt it was fluoride and fluoride only (unlikely!) that caused it, I still wouldn’t be able to do anything about it, although I suppose it would spur me to actively oppose fluoridation. Not sure it would change anything in other ways though.


Hi Tina

Thank you for your comments…much appreciated.

I suppose I’m thinking about my grandson and other possible grandchildren but like you say There doesn’t seem to be any reputable research.

Noreen xx

well. i just looked up where naturally fluoridated water supplies are in england, i always knew that my home town had one, and i grew up slap bang in the highest fluoride area in england. good grief! makes me wonder…

Barry Groves wrote a book on fluoride. Or you could have a look at the Mercola website. Fuoride is very bad for us. Also, the chlorine that’s added to the water to prevent bacteria growing during the pipe network, can kill friendly gut bacteria. You’re advised to filter it out before you drink the water, though no one ever tells you that. Heather

Whats the best water filter heather.

Some decent-looking links on here, and the British Fluoridisation Society look a sensible lot who take an evidence-based approach (unlike most of the swivel-eyed ‘experts’ on the Web!)



I think everyone should read both sides of the argument and form their own opinion. I don’t deliberately set out to see the bad in everything, but there is so much corruption and greed in today’s world, that once your eyes have been opened to what’s going on, you can never really go back. It’s a bit like The Matrix. The modern diet, with all its convenience and fast food, sounds such a good idea, but look where it’s got us. We live in an incredibly hard water area, plus fluoride is added. We have a water softener that feeds the whole house so the pipes don’t clog up with limescale, but we also have an additional tap by the kitchen sink that provides filtered hard water. I use this water for drinking, but put it through an alkaline jug filter first. I’ve also got a water distiller which I sometimes use, but put the distilled water through the alkaline filter before I drink it. This might all seem a bit of a faff, but I also have Interstitial Cystitis. Alkaline water is kinder on my bladder. I think we all need to do what works best for us individually and what we’re comfortable with. After all, we’re the ones that live with the consequences. Heather

There’s an interesting article on the Mercola website today, about an Irish woman who’s taking a High Court Legal Action to get fluoride removed from Ireland’s drinking water. Heather