Lithium in Water

Hi All.

Did anybody see this in the news.

Nothing to do with MS,but i found it interesting.

I have tried to cut and paste the site but not to good at it.

If you just goggle Lithium in water that will get you there.

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Googled it Chris - lt says lithium in the water supply can prevent suicide in the general population.

l wonder if Switzerland will be putting lithium in their water supplies.

When you look into it you will find there are lots of undesirable things in water including traces of things like chemotherapy as well as things experts say are good for us i.e. medication deliberately added without our consent.

The issue is what to do about it, since I use water as a therapy I opted for a water distiller but some say that is the wrong way to do it while yet others say it is the best thing to do.

Like most issues in life the answers are none too obvious and what ever you do someone will say you are wrong. That is of course what personal responsibility is all about of course

In my area, the water company add both Chlorine and Fluoride to the water. Just like David's "medication deliberately added without our consent".

Do they warn anyone with children not to use Fluoride toothpase to avoid an excessive dose?  Right, what will you do with the other two guesses?

And, I do not like the taste of Chlorine - it clings to everything - tea, coffee, pasta, etc. Even the steam from the kettle smells.  Mind you, it's not as bad as the Las Vegas area where everyone uses bottled waterfor anythingthat goes down your throat.

We have used a jug filter for some years, and the difference is dramatic.