Just wondered if there is anyone on here taking ldn and what you think of it?

It’s fair to say it does not work for everyone (what does), but I have been taking ldn for nine years with very good results. Take a look at the anecdotal information on the ldn research trust site and see if you think it can help.

I have just started 2 months ago. I am ery slowly increasing te dose (I am taking 1.5ml) My GP has prescribed it it (I know I’m lucky!) and he is keeping an eye on me, I notice a small difference after only 2 days. My balence seems to be better.Before it I was falling nealy every day,and now I don’t fall as much. I think LDN is good for me, hope you find it is good for you too

Lynne x

been taking ldn now for 10 months, cant say i notce much improvement with mobility but i certainly feel i have a more positive mental attitude…

I took ldn before I tried for another baby I nnoticed improved balance, less fatigu and less urgency for the loo. I do want to start it aagain but don’t know if I can as will be starting the tablet medication fimgilamod (sorry can’t spell it) and not sure if I can. Good luck. Hope it helps

Would not be without my LDN - lts made my life much easier - mentally as well as physically. There are lots of people who do take it alongside DMD’s. Just ask the ldnresearchtrust for advice.