has anybody out there heard or actually taking ldn? I have just started and would welcome any feed back good or bad please




theres many of us take ldn. its been well discussed on these boards-maybe u will find previous posts in a search?

i have been taking it since 2007. i had 11 attacks in less than 2 years then started ldn and have had none until this recent one. i have no intention of stopping it has enabled me to cope with living with ms on a daily basis. that and meditation have helped me greatly. look forward to what u think about it.

ellie x

Hi lozzie!

been on it for a year, it has given me my life back but I still walk like Gregory House.

keep well ,


Hi Lozzie,

I’ve been on LDN for 7 years. Right from the start it stopped the buzzing in my legs and helped with bladder problems. I have ppms and am still progressing, and I have no idea whether ldn has slowed the progression as some folk say it has for them, I have no way of knowing. But I will continue to take it just in case it has!.

Good luck with it, I hope it works for you,


l can only add to what has already been said. l have taken it for just over 5yrs. lt has made such a change to my life - l feel more positive - brains working better too. Just wish someone told me about it years ago. l have had SPMS for 30yrs - and in the time l have been on LDN - l have not progressed - in fact l have improved. l used to suffer with Trigeminal Neuralgia - and that stopped when l started on LDN.


Oh my goodness, starting ldn in approx 3 weeks when my bloods come back and really positive about these comments. I will be watching this thread very closely!


Hi, sue i started ldn 3 weeks ago and i must say i feel more positive in myself, my wife has said she has seen a more positive me. hope it works for you to. all the best Tony…

just to let you all know i have made a video link mslorrainehowdeals on utube its quite a positive video made while out with my two closest frieds its also quite funny at times! hope it helps everybody with ms and also those without to understand this awful illness please feedback wat u think good or bad what wood we do without our pals hay thank you

I have been using LDN now for over a year.

I noticed positive effects straight away. The buzzing and pain in my legs went!! Was on other drugs for ages for this and ganing weight. Pain,buzzing and weight went off

I was dx with PPMS and I can say it has not slowed the progression down. BUT I do feel better taking it.

Although, at the moment the pain in my legs is back. This happens every few months. I stop taking the LDN for a few days and then start again. Pain goes. would be interested if any one else has this problem.

Overall, I am pleased I am taking it and it has given me a little spring in my step again! Just wish it would slow things down a bit!

Good luck it works for some and not all, but give it a try.

C x

hi all

a bit of advise please re ldn i forgot to take my dosage lastnite so have taken this morning will it be ok for me to take another dose tonight approx 11pm or is it too soon im only taking 1.5 at moment



Missing a day is not going to matter and probably better to take your next dose tomorrow.

Does it make any difference if you take LDN during the day or at night?

I am taking it during the day at the moment and it seems to be working.



Apparently, more endorphins are produced at night, so that suggests it’s better to take it at bedtime. Mind you, there are plenty of people taking it during the day and claim it makes no difference.

I guess it comes down to what suits you best.

I’m really pleased to have come back on this site and found this thread at the top. I am about to start LDN after years of thinking shall I, shan’t I? I’ve read people’s comments on LDN with great interest and am really hoping that its going to help me, specifically with my mobility, nerve pain, stiffness, memory problems and fatigue.

Does anyone know if there are any contraindications (if that is the right word) with taking LDN along with Modafinil. I’ve recently had my Modafinil dose increased from 200 mg to 400 mg a day (which I think is the max) as I just can’t get through the days. The increase doesn’t seem to be having any great effect and I am really hoping that LDN is going to improve things.

I’m getting my LDN scripts privately through Prescribe4me. Does anyone else use them? and have been told to start off at 1mg a day for the first week, then increasing by 1mg each week until on 4.5mg. Does this sound right?

Really pleased to read positive comments on this.

Best wishes to all


What took you so long? Unfortunately, ldn is not likely to correct damage already done, so probably best not to set your expectations too high. Drugs containing opiates need to be avoided, but pretty much everything else is ok. You can always ask Dickson’s for confirmation about Modafinil.

The instructions are fine (if a bit ridged), but do not take into account individual circumstances. Personally, I would start on 1ml for two weeks and look to increase by .5ml every couple of weeks, or as you tolerate the stuff. There really is no point in striving for 4.5ml, because it may not suit you and many MSers find greater benefit on far lower doses.

Thanks Derek for your response. I’ll see how it goes then, and won’t expect too much. The doctor I spoke to did mention about drugs containing opiates. I did mention that I am taking Pregablin but he said that is fine, I didn’t think about the Modafinil, so thanks, I will check.

Thanks again,


hi everyone well today was first day to up my dose to 2.0 of ldn and wow! its knocked me for six today! i have been sleeping on and off allday with a slight headache not sure wat to do but think i will revert to taking at nite again cant have this feeling allday just wondering has anybody else experienced this feeling by taking ldn during day?



hi dawn welcome to ldn! i have been on 1.5 dosage for 2weeks now and really feel i have gor my life back but keep an i on increasing dose i increased to 2.0 today and have an awful headache and soooo sleepy felt really good on 1.5 so am really unsure as to wether i should increase? anybody outthere with advice on this please?



I think Modafinil & ldn are fine taken together, but mentioned checking just to be certain. Hopefully, you will no longer need it if ldn works helps with fatigue. Fingers crossed.

It sounds like you increased the dose too quickly and would benefit from a slower introduction. Try reverting back to the dose you was last comfortable with and see if that helps.

Personally, I don’t think there is much point in daytime dosing, unless you experience sleep disturbance.