Hi Guys

I am a 23 year old female I was diagnosed with primary progressive ms last year

since then I have tried lots of different medication with none being successful

I have heard about LDN and I am thinking about trying it, I was just wondering if any one is on LDN or has tried LDN

and what are their thoughts on it?

Any advise would be great



If I were you, I would certainly give LDN a try, but keep my expectations realistic; despite what some people claim, LDN does not work for everyone.

I would probably first try to get on one of the clinical trials that are going on for PPMS though. (I recommend you do this first because being on LDN would almost certainly exclude you from being able to do any trial.) You could ask your neuro or MS nurse to find out if there is anything you might be eligible for.

Karen x

Hi Sherrie, i tried LDN about 3 years ago, for 5 months.

i had to buy it via e-med, as my GP wouldnt prescribe it.

It instantly improved my bladder control and spasticity. But it caused me great sleep disturbance. I woke every 2 hours thinking it was time to get up.

After a while, the bladder and spasticity benefits waned. So I came off it.

There are many folk here, who swear by it.

There is as yet, no medical evidence that it slows or stops or reduce disability. But we have so many forum members who say it has for them.

Worth a try. Good luck.

luv Pollx

Me again. I forgot to say that I dont have MS, but it was thought I might when I tried LDN.

luv Pollx

I am in no doubt that ldn has helped with most symptoms and considerably slowed down progression, which is pretty good for PPMS.

Take a look at the anecdotal information at www.ldnresearchtrust.org and see if you think it can help.

I tried it and it was ok. Print everything off that you can as you’ll need to talk your GP into it. There aren’t side effects so wish a shot!