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hi all

i have recently heard about LDN. i would like to try it but no-ne will prescribe it for me!

i have had several positive responses from people who are taking it on this forum and none negative.

if you have anything to say then please do, i’m getting ready for my next chat with the neuro!!



Hi Ben,

I don’t take it.

My MS has always been slow progressing & count myself lucky so don’t want to push my luck & mess about with it.

However, if and when things do start progressing further I won’t hesitate to try LDN. It’s not-addictive so I can’t see that giving it a try could harm.

I’ve known many people over the years who swear by it and also people who have had problems with and come off it. So it’s not a sure thing… but doesn’t hurt to try it.

My neuro is the same as many others. Wouldn’t even consider it. Said NO and that was that. GP said would only prescribe if neuro gave the go ahead… so I would have to go the private route on internet.

Hope that helps,

Pat x

Hi Ben, I couldn’t get my neuro or GP to prescribe it so I had to get it privately. I tried it for two months last Summer but it didn’t help at all. In fact, it made my bladder symptoms worse! It works differently for everyone though and may be marvellous for you. Teresa xx

Hi Ben

I’ve been taking LDN for 7 years. It has helped with bladder problems,and the buzzing in my legs stopped pretty well immediately on taking it and hasn’t returned since. I’ve no idea whether it is slowing down progression for me, I can’t know, but I’ll carry on taking the LDN just in case it is

I’m fortunate because my GP prescribes it for me (my neuro won’t), I take the liquid form and my local pharmacy fills the prescription. Good luck with your hunt for someone to prescribe it for you.


Made absolutely no difference to me!

Take care, M