Fellow MS Team. Please tell me about LDN.

Hello all,

A friend said that it is helping with his MS. Please tell me more about this treatment.

Many Thanks



Have a look at the LDN trust website, there’s info on there to show your GP and info on there for getting a private presciption if your GP won’t prescribe (it’s a licenced drug but not for MS so my GP had the right old wobbles about it)

I thought I’d be good to try as it can also help with crohns disease (I’m not diagnosed but have some symptoms so still under gastroenterologist and still labelled as IBS but with some ulgers!?) - in fact there’s a big list of things it can be of benefit for :slight_smile:

I’m likely PPMS and it started well for me… I won’t lie, I progessed up to the optimum dose 4.5ml then found my spasticity got a bit worse BUT it’s evening out nicely now after a couple of weeks lowering dose, so I’m sticking with 2.5ml dose (this morning I’ve hardly needed my stick).

With the LDN my bladder’s improved, still get sudden urgency creeping up occasionally but water pressure seems a bit more back to normal. The vertigo is not so obvious all the time either, the hand tremor not as frequent and feeling a bit more in control mentally is a bonus.

For me, the best thing is that it’s sorted out my gastro issues and I’m almost back to my ‘normal’ weight… so endorphins are fantastic on that score! :slight_smile:

I intend to keep taking it for that reason alone but have to admit whilst less obvious effects with the MS, with everyone saying how well I look, hair shinier, clear eyed etc. and that following some of the most hellish months I’ve ever had, I just don’t think it can be denied that it’s doing me some good to say the least:D

I felt very much ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’ after my diagnosis and it seems that LDN has has a few added bonuses for me but I would definitely encourage people to try it.

Good luck, let us know if you go for it and how you get on

Sonia x

Thanks Sonia.

Hi ive been taking ldn now for a year or so, ive stuck with a dose of 2.5 ml which suits me, ive found i feel more positve and ive not had a relapse (touch wood) for 2 yrs. my gp wont perscribe ldn so i had to go private but its not over exspencive at £18 a month… gd luck. Tony…

Have been researching this drug following your post. Found out today from my mum that my godmother (who also has MS) has been taking it successfully - no relapses and improved mobility - for approx 5 years. It’s the treatment she tried to tell me about when I was first diagnosed 3 years ago but I was too busy being an ostrich to listen. If it can help my right leg & fatigue at all it will be worth it. Fingers crossed.