Has anybody tried it, and did it do any good ?

helped my bladder 90%

It helped with most symptoms and significantly slowed progression, so very satisfied. Check out the anecdotal information at ldn research trust and see what you make of it.

Stopped the buzzing in my legs completely, helped with the bladder. I’ve no idea whether it has slowed progression, I’ve no way of knowing, but I shall be staying on it in case it has. I’ve been on it 8 years.


Started taking it in January, have since had improvement in bladder 80%, Bowels50%. Sadly, as yet no improvement in fatigue or any other physical symptoms but a surprising improvement in my emotional state…I had been developing a nasty angry feeling which I hated. I felt as though I was turning into someone else and to be honest I didn’t like that person very much, it was a bit scary…I didn’t feel I was in control. Having taken LDN for about three months it suddenly went…needless to say I shall be continuing to take it! It is also a very sensible price in comparison to other medication. I mulled it over for years and years before I decided to take it…I can’t say if it slows progression but I wish I hadn’t waited in case it does Nina

Tried it last year but I had no noticeable improvement of any sort unfortunately but everyone is different! Teresa xx

Please forgive my ignorance but what exactly is LDN and what is it mainly prescribed for?

My balance, mobility and muscle spasms are v.bad at the moment. Would LDN help? Sorry for gatecrashing thread, so will google.

Go on Dicksonchemist.co.uk it will explain about LDN