an LDN poll, plse comment

hi all

i have recently heard about LDN. i would like to try it but no-ne will prescribe it for me!

i have had several positive responses from people who are taking it on this forum and none negative.

if you have anything to say then please do, i’m getting ready for my next chat with the neuro!!



Put my twopennyworth on the Primary Progressive board Ben x

If you decide this is something you want to try there are several doctors who will prescribe this privately. I am aware of several on line doctor services who offer a prescription service. Even if you nero will agree to prescribe it then it is still a PCT issue concerning NHS prescriptions.

If you have any trouble locating a doctor then send me a PM and I will give you some details

Whatever you ask about on here, you will usually hear from the people who have had good experiences rather than bad ones. Just for balance, I was on LDN for something near to two years, I think, could have been longer. My (useless) neuro was happy to give me a private prescription, as long as I found out everything about dosage, where to get it etc. I went along happily enough on it for a while, then started to have relapses. I had been diagnosed with MS for about seven years at this stage, had only had one relapse, after which I was diagnosed. About a year and a half of taking the LDN, I had a disabling relapse, another a year later, then started to go to two a year, then three. I think I stopped taking the LDN between my second and third (ever) relapses but it could have been between the third and fourth. I didn’t feel it did anything for me at all.

Hi Ben,

I started ldn about 4 months ago after a recommendation from a knowleagable source on this forum. I have never looked back. It certainly doesn’t profess to be a cure but my brain fog, balance, pins and needles in my legs and wanting to pee all the time improved. I can honestly say my quality of life improved. I was advised to download an information for your GP link and I went to see my gp, I also read up on ldn and armed with this this information I went to see my gp and got a script with no questions asked. I have never looked back.