LDN Anyone still on this

Just wondering if anyone still on LDN?

I took it for 9 years. Then last September I had been tired for a while. So I co incidentally had a neuro appointment. Told him I was fatigued and wondered if LDN was not working. He said there is not much evidence it works anyway. My regular private prescriber had stopped prescibing. So I stopped. I am still tired and have absolutely no get up and go.

I have had a lot of ENT problems. Allergy I think since stopping

sorry for going on a bit. I should just have asked. Is it helping you?

My GP has prescribed ldn on the NHS since 2004 and I have no intention of stopping. While it’s true there has not been a proper scientific trial, an estimated 100,000 people worldwide take it for a variety of autoimmune conditions, which isn’t too bad for anecdotal evidence.

Frankly, I prefer to trust the evidence of what my body tells me.

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I got mine in capsule form and stocked up before my prescriber retired. I am starting back on it today .I can only try and see. Before starting LDN I could not even carry a wire basket round a grocery store with 2 tins in without it being a chore. I have had MS for over 20 years I had regular relapses. Then I have felt previous damage since LDN. Coincidence grown out of it or I have convinced myself LDN suited me. The tiredness is probably getting a 5 year old granddaughter ready for school every morning and looking after the others after school 3 days and a 3 year old all day on one day. Neuro never asks about my lifestyle. Thanks This has been a sounding board for me to actually assess my situation and glad it suits you Also thanks for answering. I think with this unpredictable condition,you start questioning everything

hi MRose, well looking after very young children is enough to wipe a healthy young parent out, let alone a long term MSer!

I tried LDN years ago and the benefit was very short lived, but hey! I gave it a go!

I remember Dr Chris Searle, on morning tv, promoting LDN…it had great success weaning drug addicts off heroine!

Good luck to you and long may you continue with those little people!

Love Boudsxx

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