LDN and infection

Hello everybody,

I am quite new to the forum and have a question about LDN. I have been taking it for about six weeks now. After two weeks it started to work wonderfully; I almost felt like pre-MS. Then came a huge infection which made all my symptoms worse (esp. numbness and weakness in limbs). Then had another kind of inflammation in my body (the tissue around my left ribs was inflamed as my doctor said). So ever since the start of the infection, and the rib-pain afterwards, my symptoms are back and getting worse again (I am PPMS or SPMS). Could those of you who know their way with LDN tell me if this might be due to the infection and inflammation? I was so happy to finally have found something that helped.

Thank you all very much.

A very discouraged



i have been taking this for nine years i can only take up to 3mg a day, it hasn’t stopped me getting other things going wrong with me , but i feel my recovery is better, MS meds totally knackered me and made things worse. Go on the LDN website and ask questions there , one question what dosage are you on, mail me if you need the website address


Hello Trish and thanks for your answer,

I have been upping the dose from 1,5 ml to 3 ml since I started. It doesn’t seem to be working now, and I just hope that it is the infection that is interfering. What I really wanted to ask (maybe I expressed myself a bit clumsily, I am a foreigner): Could the infection/inflammation be deterring the LDN from working? Have you made this experience in your long journey with LDN?

All the best, Minney

Minney, You are still on a relatively low dose of LDN. l started on 3ml then progressed to 4.5ml. Do ask the if you are worried. l would not have thought the LDN is causing your problem. Do make sure your D3 and B12 levels are high - as they are so important to us with MS. Just google Vitamin d3 deficiency MS - and the same with Vitamin B12 deficiency MS. And also look at .Could it be B12 - An epidemic of misdiagnosis.

Do hope you are feeling better soon.

Any infection is likely to knock us flat, and while I think ldn is good, it’s not that good. The ldn research trust has a busy facebook page, which can help with questions. Facebook Groups