LDN dose


I’ve been taking LDN since October, I’m still gradually increasing the dose - it makes my neck sore to start with, so I’m waiting until my neck is not so sore, usually between 4 and 6 weeks, before I up the dose. I’m currently taking 2.5ml, but I wondered how you know if you take too much - all I can find about it is that the MS symptoms will be worse, but what does this actually mean? Please could those who have been through it let me know what to expect? Sorry if I’m being dim.


Luisa x

My understanding is that too much will result in a total block on endorphin production, so your symptoms worsen. More is not necessarily better when it comes to ldn and it is the dose you tolerate best that counts.

You are clearly doing exactly the right thing by building the dose slowly and hopefully, your patience will be rewarded.

Thanks for your reply Whammel - I know about the doses being different for everyone (like everything to do with MS!) - I have a friend who takes only 1ml/day, he has found that dose to be the best for him. I did ask my friend what happens when you take too much but all he would say was “you’ll know” - I’m worried that I don’t know.

L x

I agree it doesn’t sound very helpful, but I expect you are pretty good at noticing changes in your body and it should become apparent. The good news is that no harm will come from taking a little too much, as ldn only stays in your system for four hours. I bet you knew that too, didn’t you?

Fingers crossed you get to see some benefits soon.

l started on 3ml - and gradually increased to 4.5ml. l have never felt that l have ‘overdosed’ - makes me wonder if l could take more. Or is that being greedy!!

No harm in experimenting and I flirted with 6mg a few years ago and the improvement was immediately noticeable. Sadly it didn’t last, so I just reverted back to 4.5ml.

Frances did you have noticeable side effects starting on 3mg? Teresa xx

No - Teresa - l felt ‘good’ straightaway - elated. Like a big cloud had been lifted. Then l think you get used to the improvements.

Thanks for your replies - don’t think there’s been any improvement yet - Whammel, you would not believe the research I do before starting something new! I’ll bash on, think I might be able to put it up next weekend, my neck has not been so bad this time.

I’m going to give it a year to see if it works. Hope it does, I absolutely detest self-injecting (major selling point for LDN).

L x


No - Teresa - l felt ‘good’ straightaway - elated. Like a big cloud had been lifted. Then l think you get used to the improvements.

[/quote] Thanks for that Frances, I’m gathering all anecdotes together, in preparation for trying it myself. Teresa xx