LDN took double dose in error

instead of usual 2mg took 4mg as i used the wrong side of the spoon, though oh dear what will this do. Irronically gave me more energy, so now looking to try this again and order up some privately as other medicines have too many side effects

LDN - is supposed to only stay in the system for 4hrs - so don't worry. l started off by taking 3ml - and l felt so good on it l soon went up to 4.5ml.  You could try splitting the dose - take half in the morning and half in the evening. l am going to see if l can get a prescription for a higher dose - lt works well for me - am l being greedy by expecting a higher dose to give me more benefits?  l have been only taking it for 3yrs - l know lots on here have used it for much longer.


my gp is happy to prescribe 2mg but going  to do exactly what you are suggesting and try increasing the dose slowly  via private prescription , so far this is the only thing that seems to be working


trish  happy2