L.D.N advice would help

I have been prescribed Low Dose Naltrexone Naltrexone by my G.P. Based on information I passed on to him he was prepared to give me a low 3.5 mg daily dose. Normally the drug is used in a much, much higher dose to help heroine addicts come off the drug. My neurologist has given me liitle information about L.D.N and will not support it’s use. Has anyone out there had experience of the drug and has information about it’s success or failure. My G.P. Is happy to continue prescribing but I am not sure what to do next. I feel it helps me as my fatigue has been more bearable but is it just all in my mind and I am just desperate for it to work.
Advice please

I take LDN too, but started on 1ml/day and have been gradually increasing it, I'm now at 3.5ml but haven't noticed any difference yet.  If you do notice a difference, I think you should keep taking it - if you want to find out if it's a placebo effect that you're experiencing, stop taking it for a little while and see how you feel.  Apparently LDN only stays in your system for 4 hours, so it should be easy enough to stop and start it - speak to your GP about this, they'll prob know more about the mechanism of the drug.

Hope you work things out,

Luisa x


        lf you look up the ldnresearchtrust - they will help with anything you need to know. l started on 3.5ml and now take 4.5. But l know most people start on a lower dose. l have taken it for 3yrs - and feel much better for taking it - mentally as much as physically. l did run out of it xmas time - and was  surprised how much l noticed the effect - so l do know it is not a placebo. But if it was - does it matter if it helps.

You are lucky to have such a forward thinking GP as most of us have to get their LDN privately via E-med - who then send the private prescription to Dicksons in Glasgow. They are very good - and post the medicine direct to you

l presume you are taking the capsules - as you can get it in liquid form - which makes it easier to increase the dosage slowly.

There are many folk on this forum who have taken ldn for years.