L.D.N.advice required

I have been talking Low Dose Naltrexone for a couple of years, prescribed my my own G.P. He gives it to drug addicts in much, much higher doses and was prepared to give it to me in a very low dose following material I gave him. My neurologist will not talk to me about it and I don’t know what to do. Should I take more, give up or just keep going. Does it make me feel stronger? I think so. Can anyone out there please give me advice?

What are you asking?  If it makes you feel better, I'd carry on taking it.  I think that your neuro won't talk to you about it because it is not a recognised MS treatment - some docs are more open-minded than others.  Contrary to some appearances, they're all human happy2

Luisa x


I assume you have looked at already.

I have been taking LDN since Aug 2007, with support from my GP (but he cant prescribe ot for me until all partners in the practise agree) Neuro has no idea that I am taking it but thats simply because I havent seen him/her! MS nurse is aware. I took 3mg for one month then have been on 4.5mg since. As I understand it more is not always better. There are some folk splitting or double dosing but theres not huge amounts of info available re this.

What dose do you currently take and what would you hope to achieve by changing the dose? Why fix something if its not broken?!

Take care, Ellie x

Not sure what you are asking but only you can decide if LDN is working for you. It does not really mater what anyone else thinks, some doctors are for it some are not.