I am going to talk to my Doctor about trying LDN. I know that she won’t know much about it.

Is there anyone out there who is taking it? What questions should I ask? What are the dosage, side-effects, etc?

Do you think that it is an effective treatment?

Thanks very much in advance. :slight_smile:

My GP has prescribed ldn since 2004, so it’s definitely worth asking. Most people find 4.5ml is the maximum, but there is no set dose and it’s a matter of finding the amount that suits you best, which can involve a bit of trial and error. Start on a low amount of liquid ldn, say 1ml and increase by .5ml every couple of weeks, or as your body gets used to the drug, and you should be fine.

The link below contains some useful information and leaving a copy with your GP to read is probably a good idea.


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Hi Whammel, Thanks for your reply, I appreciate it. I went to see my Doctor and she won’t prescribe, so i have to talk to my neurologist. She is an excellent Doctor, unfortunately she is leaving. I’ll talk to my neurologist next time I see him. He’s pretty open minded so maybe he will be OK about it. I seem to be quite intolerant to DMDs, I have tried three so far, so I don’t really know where to go from here. Thanks again for your reply. It is very much appreciated.

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Sorry for sounding a bit daft but what is LDN? I have heard it mentioned a few times on the forum.

Low Dose Naltrexone is an unapproved treatment for MS and can be prescribed off label. It’s definitely not a replacement for DMD’s, but might help with a few symptoms if it works for you.

Take a look at the link I provided and see what you make of it.

Thanks whammel. I’ll have a read.

I have been taking LDN for about six or seven years and I have to pay privately because neither my neuro or GP will prescribe it which is damn ironic because I live in Norwich, Norfolk about 8 miles from Linda Elsegood who lives in Buxton in Norfolk and she is the co-founder of the LDN Research Trust.

This could only happen in Norfolk.


​Am I angry? You bet I am. At least it is as cheap as chips so I guess that’s not so bad.


Hey Hyder,

Where do you get it and obviously it seems to work for you as you have been taking it fir eight years? How does it help and are you on any DMDs?

Thanks. :slight_smile: