Good Evening , I was wondering if anyone has had experience of using LDN . The neurologist hasn’t had any experience of prescribing it . Any experiences for or against would be much appreciated. I am suffer chronic pain and if this could help I would be very interested.

Hi Linda

My wife has SPMS and has been using LDN for some time now. She gets it via private prescription from a legit pharmacy in Scotland and it has helped with pain and spasms too. I am certain its not available via the NHS in England unless thats changed and we are not aware…

My wife has no issues with it and will continue to use it daily.

I hope that is some help to you

My GP has prescribed ldn off label on the NHS since 2004, on the grounds that it was highly unlikely to do any harm. I believe it has helped most symptoms and slowed down progression, so very satisfied.


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I will contact the GP again regarding LDN and see if its possible to get it via prescription as previously it was refused. Hopefully things have changed now.

Hi Tom 1 . Yes that is a huge help thankyou. As far as I know I will also have to pay for it privately, but to have even slightly less pain and spasms would be worth it . Good luck with the g.p .


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Thankyou Whammel , this all sounds very promising. I’m glad to hear that you are benefiting from it . The neurologist wasn’t against me using it just he wasn’t familiar with it and wrote to my g.p to ask her to prescribe it ,but I know she won’t so I am prepared to pay for it privately.

Hi, most people buy it via the pharmacy in Scotland. My neuro wouldnt prescribe it. I tried it for 6 months and its initial benefit waned quickly.

Hope it helps you.


Thankyou Boudicia I will see how I get on , it’s all a learning curve isn’t it xx