All LDN users!!

I am desperate to try LDN. Where is the best place to get it? I live in Ilford, Essex


Go onto the LDN trust website or Dickson’s chemist in Liverpool. I used the ‘prescribe4me’ website but that seems to go on the blink a lot, first time that happened I thought I’d been ripped off and then my intro kit dropped through the letter box! :slight_smile:

I need a get a repeat presciption and I spoke with the chemist yesterday and they are really helpful.

Good luck, I’ve only been on it for 3 weeks and have seen some changes, even with non-MS stuff :smiley:

Sonia x

I would always suggest trying your GP first. Take along the GP’s information pack for them to read from though, because they may not be terribly well informed.
If this route doesn’t work out then ldn is easily available privately from an online GP, and Dickson Chemist have decent selection on their site.

Dan, Have you asked your GP - because more and more GP’s are prescribing it. lf yours won’t - then you will have to ask for a letter from them confirming that you have MS. They can’t refuse this. Then what l did was join E-Med the online private prescription site. For a membership fee - they will send a prescription to Dicksons in Glasgow - and they will post to you the LDN. lt comes in capsules 3mg or 4.5mg or in liquid form. To begin it is better to try the liquid form as you can juggle the dose better. Majority of people start on 1.5 then slowly increase to a level that suits them. 4.5 being the optimum dose. for more info.

l have been taking it for 6yrs - and have really benefitted from it.

Thanks guys! Will try my GP first and see what he says How are you finding it? D

Ooops, I should have said that, I did ask my GP first and he kind of went between yes & no for ten minutes so I said I’d look at private.

I’ve only been taking it for 3 weeks so I’ve literally only had the optimum dose for 2 days now. In so far as the MS goes, my head has been a little clearer and my bladder has been a bit easier the last few days (urgency still creeps up but water pressure seems to have returned so I don’t have to wait quite as long - sorry if that’s too much info but I guessed you’d want truthful responses!).

It seems to have calmed the spasticity in my legs a little but I’m struggling with foot-drop and hoping physio/rehab will help.

The best bit for me is that it has already calmed my stomach down which in turn means I’m gaining weight :slight_smile: I’ve been seeing a gastrenterologist over the last 18 months - it ‘looks’ like crohns but biopsies don’t back that up - they haven’t discharged me yet. The LDN has been great in terms of that though so even if there are no further changes, I might carry on taking anyway. I’ll try my GP again when I been taking it for a little longer.

Good luck with it

Sonia x