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Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I started taking 1mg liquid LDN last Friday and already feel the benefits, i.e. more energy and positivity with no side effects, (dare I say it, pre MS). long may it last, just thought I,d share this.
Will repost in a months time, if I,m feeling this good on 1mg when and if I get up to 4mg i,m going to enter for 2012 olympics.

take care :slight_smile: Peter

Hi Peter,
Thanks for posting that, it’s good to hear - I have an appointment with my GP on Thu to ask if he’ll prescribe it for me, so fingers crossed for then!


Excellent news . I trust you are aware that finding out the dose that suits you is the important issue. 4 Mg could be too much for you on the other hand you may have to go higher to get maximum benefit we are all different.

lals02 wrote:
Hi Peter, Thanks for posting that, it's good to hear - I have an appointment with my GP on Thu to ask if he'll prescribe it for me, so fingers crossed for then!


l shall keep my fingers crossed for you that your GP will agree to prescribing LDN - its the best thing that l ever did was start taking it.
This was nearly 3yrs ago. l -like many of us - had to go the emed to get my presciption - but it works out well - Dicksons post the ldn
regularly - l have never run out! Take as much info as you can for you GP - but if you do decide to go it alone through emed it only takes a week.

Thanks Campion, that’s good to know - I’ve decided I’m going to try LDN anyway, whether my GP prescribes it or not, I just think I should probably ask them before assuming they’re not going to prescribe it for me. Nothing I have read or heard about LDN is a negative story - it seems that the worst that happens is that it doesn’t do anything, so I think it’s worth a bash.


I took info from the LDN site to my GP and although he couldnt find the liquid form on the normal list (2008) he does me a private but free script every three month which I send to Dicksons who post out to us via the lovely Paula and Celeste. we have been on it for 3 years this month and wouldnt be without it, we have run out a couple of times due to postal problems/ weather last year etc and we really feel it if we dont take it even for a few days.

My advice is start low and increase gradually you will know when you have gone too high then drop back to the dose b4. hope that helps and good luck with getting it ;0) XXXX

I saw a GP today, lovely lady (am new to the area so this was only my second visit to the practise) - she’s going to discuss with her colleagues and get back to me, went armed with an information sheet my MS nurse had given me, so although I don’t have a prescription yet, she also hasn’t said no.


Hi Everyone,just thought I’d add my bit! :stuck_out_tongue: I am on my second bottle of LDN 1mg each night.I felt better the very next day,more energy, stronger when standing,getting out of bed easier feeling great,something is deff going on.I am fortunate my neuro gives me prescription and I too get it from dickson chemists they are very helpful and reliable.Good luck anyone who is thinking of trying it :smiley: take care.helen.x ps no side affects :slight_smile: