I see my Neuro in a couple of weeks, last time I saw him he was prepared to let me have LDN. I now am in a quandry of what to do! I have done my research with the LDN Trust. and am still confused. I already take loads of meds, and will not be able to take codeine if I use LDN which really wouldn’t be a problem Also getting the dosage right, how long has it taken anyone to adjust to the right dose. So do I or don’t I? Any advice form anyone who has been where I now am, and what decision did you make and why? Many thanks in advance, take care,


I honestly don’t think you have anything to lose by trying ldn, particularly if you have PPMS. Personally, I would start on 1ml of liquid ldn and increase by .5 ml every couple of weeks, or as you get used to the stuff. The slow introduction should minimise the chance of getting any introductory symptoms, so I hope you are the patient type.

My choice was to take a harmless treatment that might work, or continue to deteriorate, which wasn’t exactly the toughest decision I have ever made.

All the best with your choice.

Thanks for your reply, yes I’m PPMS too, I can slowly see myself going down although slowly and am finding things harder to do with each passing day. Thanks for your input will let you know the decision.

l am certainly glad that l found out about LDN - it has made a big difference to me. l do still take codiene phosphate to help with bowel control. l take my LDN about 9pm. And as Whammel correctly says - it only stays in the system for about 4hrs. So l can take codiene in the morning/afternoon -or even in the night if l feel its necessary. l did ask the ldnresearchtrust about this first.

Hope this helps.