Chest Infections/ldn

Im on my 2nd chest infection in 3 months. Is this a common thing? I started and stopped ldn at the same time as the first one, and now Im 3 weeks into ldn again, so Im wondering if theres a link? Thanks.

l have been on ldn for about 4yrs - for me its been ‘magic’ - but if you feel there is a connection then do get in touch

with ldnresearchtrust - they will give you advice. But all ldn does is boost your endorphins - so l would have thought it could help you fight infection. l know l rarely catch colds now - but then that might be the vitd3 l take as well.

Lets hope you get more answers.


My wife has been on LDN since 2004 and whilst she has not been totally immune to infections she does now very rarely suffer from them. LDN can however be very dose critical and can make things worse if you do not set the dose to be right for you. What method did you use to find what dose is correct for you?

Thanks everyone. David, how do you set the right dose? I started on 1mg for 2 weeks and then 1.5mg for 3 weeks so far. Feel ok, apart from chest. As I got infection before I wondered was it a coincidence or not? Really want to take ldn as people speak well of it, just need to get it right.

Hi Stevie I have been on LDN for about 6 weeks and have had 2 urine infections in that time. According to the info about LDN on here this is a known side effect. I am not doing very well at all with the LDN atm even though I am still only on 1.5 ml. So, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a link between your chest infection and the LDN but I am no expert. I want to take the LDN as I have PPMS and There is nothing else available to help but I feel like giving up as I feel so rubbish. Teresa xx

We set the dose in what was then the method recommended by Dr Bob Lawrence. Start at 3Mg if no problems move up to 4.5Mg at which point LDN became very harmful to my wife so we tried 1.5Mg which was not sufficient to have any noticeable effect and in the end ended up on 2.8 Mg which has stopped all disease progress ever since.

I am aware of the slow build up method generally recommended nowadays and have always thought it looked a much more satisfactory approach, however I have no personnel experience of using it.

It seams very unlikely to me that 1.5Mg would do very much ether good or bad for you and most people seem to have to go up to between 3 and 4.5Mg to achieve benefit.

The problem is we are all different and whilst that may be true for most people what maters now is what is best for you. That rather depends if you are acting under the advice of a doctor experienced in treating MS with LDN in which case you can seek their advice. If you are not doing that and are working on your own then all you can do is experiment with dose make detailed notes on results and try to pick up a pattern to determine what is best for you.

It is not as easy as it might first appear in that when my wife went up to 4.5Mg it took eleven days to recover after lowering the dose.

When using LDN it is definitely not - more is better.

All the best.

Hi everyone! I have read some good results on this LDN. I wonder if someone could give me a little advice on how i could get some of this elusive drug? My doctor wont give me a prescription for it and my neuro wont either, hes refered to another neuro and said now i must ask her for it. All i get from my ms nurse is the same story, ask your neuro but trying to talk to her is impossible :slight_smile: Id have more chance of wining the lottery than talking to her on the phone ))))))) Anyway just a thought, if you guys have any advice for me that would be great!

All the best, Mikey


Hopefully someone who has experience of obtaining LDN without their own doctor’s consent will give you their experience.

However there are various internet doctors who will prescribe it for you - if appropriate. Emed seems to be the most commonly used. Then if you wish to see a doctor personally various organisations around the world keep lists of doctors that can be consulted privately. LDN Research Trust springs to mind in the UK.

No experience of using any of these routes so I can not recommend any particular method from experience