LDN - an update

My husband has been taking LDN for several years now. As he has SP his symptoms have been getting worse and he concluded he might as well stop taking it but he did not mention it to me at the time. Within a few weeks he had really gone downhill it was only as we were discussing what might have changed that he mentioned the LDN. I suggested restarting it, which he did. After a few months he is back on a more even keel.

It does seem that for him it is not a miracle cure but it certainly seems to be keeping the symptoms, fatigue etc. down and is giving him some quality of life. It is not perfect, but in general things do seem to be better with rather than without LDN would be our conclusion.

Of course it could all be coincidence, but who knows unless they carry out some research.

Certainly sounds like he is benefitting so definitely carry on taking it I think. Glad he has stabilised a bit.

Hi, sounds to me like LDN is certainly doing him a lot of good.

He`s right to start back on it.

luv Pollx

I have read many similar tales over the years and the result is always the same, so unlikely to be a coincidence in my opinion.

The improvements with ldn can be quite subtle and easy to forget over time. Personally, I remember just how bad things were getting before ldn and strongly doubt I ever stop taking the drug.

Glad to hear your good news.

Hi there, I’m thinking about LDN as I’ve just progressed to SP and my Nurse hasn’t got any better option, so it good to hear for people that have actually had experience of good news.

Is it easy to get hold of? I was told it’s done via Dr in Scotland as Drs down here won’t prescribe it.

My GP (London) has prescribed ldn on the NHS for nine years, so probably best to ask yours first. If this route doesn’t work out then it is easily available privately.

There is plenty of reliable information at www.ldnresearchtrust.org and http://www.dicksonchemist.co.uk/LowDoseNaltrexone/Default.aspx


Did try the GP but he would not prescribe so we get ours from Scotland in the post. Relatively easy to get but of course you have to pay - for the prescription and for the LDN itself. The way it worked for us was to get a prescription from www.e-med.co.uk

They have details about LDN on their website. The prescription is sent to Dicksons Pharmacy in Glasgow and they then post out. It needs to be kept in the fridge. Costs £18.50 per month and need a prescripton every 3 months that costs £15.00

Hope that helps, obviously you need to do research to make sure it is suitable for you and discuss with your GP who may prescribe it directly.


I live in County Durham and my doc does prescribe LDN for me.

It is worth asking.

Very best



like your husband my condition is getting slowly worse have taken LDN for seven years now, thought will try and come on it , well I usually say the only issue witjh my heallth is the MS, and usually dont get colds etc, i ended up with a really bad case of the cold, so back on it, still think it helps me with fatique and i dont have any cognivitive issues, though cant spell it. So sticking with it, also doctor wanted me to try and come off it to see what happened duly told her the result