Hi everybody. I have not been visiting the forum for a while, which is good news. My hubby is quite well now, and we think we have to thank LDN for that.

We have one problem though, which is the cost of it. With the changes of the benefit system, we have soon to pay rent for our council house, so paying for the prescription and the LDN privatly will be a struggle.

As we all know, not many GPs prescribe it, but there are some. Would anybody know, where I would find one in North Norfolk?

Thanks for any replies. xxx

lt might be worth emailing Paula at Dicksons chemist - and ask her if she knows of any GP’s in your area who will prescribe it.

l changed my gp recently for a similar reason. MY gp prescribed Sativex for two years - then a senior partner stopped her. l wrote to the other practise in the village and they agreed to me joining them and that my GP had no right to stop my medication.My ‘old’ GP - said l should change - and she asked me to also complain about the senior partners decision. Especially as the Neuro is all for me having Sativex.

Next time l go to my ‘new’ docs - l shall ask about getting a prescription for LDN - l have been buying it privately for 5yrs. lf l still had to pay for it - BUT- get the private prescription free from the docs - would save me quite a bit.

So pleased that your hubby is doing well - and it would be a shame to have to stop the LDN. Have a talk with your GP - explain how well ldn has worked - get some info from the ldnresearchtrust for your gp to read - they have made CD 's of people’s experiences of LDN. l was amazed that its not just people with MS that take it. Parkinsons/Fybromyaligia / and cancer also use it.