Helpful GP and LDN

Hi, I saw my GP yesterday, and asked him about LDN. He had heard about it a few years ago, but hasn’t looked at it since. Things have moved on a bit since he last looked. It was late in the evening when I spoke to him, so he took all the literature I had printed off, and he promised to get back in touch with me. He did seem genuinly interested, and could understand my feelings and why I was willing to try. He also agreed with my feelings of being willing to try anything that might help me, and I had nothing to lose. I am going to give it a week and if I haven’t heard from him by then I will phone up and ask if he has any more thoughts on it. I am keeping my fingers crossed!
Lynne x

I am interested to know what his opinion will be, Lynne.
Keep us posted.

Regards, Jos

Hi Lynne,
I had a similar meeting with my GP last week, but she got back to me this week to say that she won’t prescribe it - cost; red tape; blah blah blah. I’ve got an appointment with The Essential Health Clinic on 3rd November for a private consultation, hopefully I’ll get the prescription from them. I’m also hoping that somebody will drive me from Aberdeen to Glasgow and back for this appointment because I’m not sure I can do it myself!

Good luck!


You can easily get a script from internet providers without the need to leave the Granite City. Contact the ldn research trust and they will happily advise your best options…
Apologies if you know this stuff already.

Thanks for the tip Whammel, I’ll do that - would rather not have a 5 hour round trip if I can avoid it