landlord disability discrimination


my partner was diagnosed wiv ms last year, we decided to start looking 4 a new suitable accomadation. we currently live in a 3 bed terannced hse. we started looking for a more suitable property, when we visited the 1st property my partner made it clear that she did not want 2 move from our current hse

so i started to adapt our current property, we asked our landlord if we could convert our bathroom in2 a wet rm at our expense. he deilvered a letter which said" if u dont like it, move".

ive been 2 c a solicitor reguarding this and he informed that he was not best suited to this case but from his opinon it would not be worth chasing this matter because even if we win the right to convert the bathroom he could still evict us once its completed.

any help more than appricated


I don’t know anything about this but I would ring the MS helpline 0808 800 8000 as they could well be able to help.

Hope things work out for you both


If you are in private rented with an assured shorthold tenancy your position is not very secure. I don’t know if you could force your landlord to let you make adaptations (and I suspect not) the solicitor is correct in saying that your tenancy could be ended at any time in the future.

I understand that your partner does not want to move (I had to move out of a house and an area that I loved to get an adapted property so I really sympathise) but I’m afraid that sometimes needs must.

Have you explored the council. You don’t need to be homeless to get a priority. I was given top medical priority because my house was unsuitable. I was offered a bungalow really quickly. Although it was a wrench to move and it took some time to feel settled the bungalow with wetroom etc has made my life sooo much better. And a social tenancy is for life as long as you pay your rent and don’t get ASBOs!!!