Ladies: Kegel

OK, chaps, I know you’re reading this too (which I don’t mind), but nature didn’t equip you for this, so it’s one for the ladies.

Ages ago, much to my reluctance, I saw the continence nurse, and she pronounced (much as I’d already suspected) that there were “no real issues”.

However, in the course of the conversation, I did ask whether pelvic floor (aka Kegel) exercises were a good idea, and she said yes, and that she’d give me a leaflet. However, she forgot, and I forgot. No leaflet!

Now I do know that you can do them yourself with absolutely no equipment whatsoever (other than what God gave you), and I’m not going to enter into a description of how (though oddly, it would be somewhat hard to explain, even if I did).

However, I’m just wondering if anyone has found any benefit from any of the many gadgets and devices on the market, ranging from cheap weight sets with no working parts, to electronic muscle stimulators (no, not the ones you can get in Ann Summers - the ones you can get in Boots), costing well over £100.

I was just having a look on Amazon, but was absolutely flummoxed by the number of things available - many of them five-star rated.

I do realise this is a sensitive subject, but have chosen not to go Anon, in the hope it may encourage others that sensitive subjects are OK.

However, if anyone wants to reply to me anon, or would rather do so by private message, I quite understand.

I just wonder, is it worth spending a LOT of money on these things, or should I just get a sub £20 set of DIY weights, and see how things go with those, before spending a fortune on something I may not take to?

I have to say, some of them do look like torture implements, and I thought: “No way!”, even if 142 women have rated them five stars!



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Folowing tina, im looking at similar things for pelvic floor. Im sure at one point monya advised on a product but might be wrong, lets hope for replies xx

I have tried doing the exercises and its fine when i am with the physio doing them but now i am on my own not really sure if i am doing them right so something to help would be good . Will also hope for some replies .

Thanks . Katy

I had no idea such things existed. It’s something that I might be interested in trying too. Surely someone has tried out some form of kegel toner and can give us an idea what effect they might have?


Also interested, I’ve learnt to be patient but I don’t think it’s always enough, retention seems to be my problem!


Sonia x

Hesitancy was/is my problem too, Sonia.

I was a bit worried whether firming up the muscles “down there” might make it even harder to let go when the time comes, so to speak, so I asked the nurse, and she said that wasn’t an issue - the Kegel exercises are a good idea regardless.

But we didn’t get onto whether there are any especially recommended toners or exercisers.

If nobody knows (or they’re too shy to say), I’ll start off buying something cheap but well-reviewed, and report back.

I’m reluctant to commit £140 (yes, some of the electronic gadgets really are that dear), when I’m not sure whether I will like the sensation, or even whether it does anything.

I’ve always been a bit sceptical of any gadget - whichever muscles it’s for - that claims to be able to work them for you, without you having to do anything. I’m inclined to believe there aren’t any shortcuts like that, and that if you want an improvement, you’ve got to work for it. I’m always reminded of those awful Ronco belts (it was always Ronco, or somebody like that) that supposedly just vibrate off all your tummy fat, while all you do is relax!

Nevertheless, a lot of the expensive gadgets still have good reviews, so some people are convinced.

It’s not an exclusive MS problem, of course. Lots of women buy something like this when they’ve lost a bit of tone following chidlbirth, and may or may not have a bit of leakage.

So I might be better asking on Mumsnet… But I’m not a mum, so feel a bit out-of-place there…



Been doing a bit more research on this.

The Ch. 4 programme “Embarrassing Bodies” apparently ran an episode on this problem, and tested three types of gadget, but frustratingly, the programme itself is no longer available for viewing, and they don’t say which product came out tops!

They do, however, name and provide links to the products, at least one of which is apparently NHS-approved, and therefore potentially available on prescription, if you can pluck up courage to ask.

There is also a Netmums thread about different gadgets, and how people got on with them (haha - wasn’t far off, I guessed Mumsnet - or are they the same thing?)

I haven’t waded through all this bumf yet, to work out which (if any) is for me.

Wonder if it’s simpler (and certainly cheaper) just to ask the doctor, and see if I can get it on 'scrip, but as the continence nurse didn’t identify a specific problem, it may be argued that I’m not a priority case for NHS gadgets, and should just stick to the basic exercises you can do yourself, gadget-free.