Kegel machine

A few months ago I bought a Kegel machine. It is a stimulator for the pelvic floor. There are probes to insert vaginally and anally. I have been using it every day and my core strength is really good now. So Bowel and bladder pretty much normal now.

Moyna xxx

Hi Moyna

That sounds good, was it very expensive and is it easy to use?


Hi Moyna, sounds good. Do you mean your body core strength has abdominal region? Mine is zilch!

luv Polllx

i think it was just over £100 abd yes Poll , abdominal stength is much better.

moyna xxx

Hi Moyna Thank you very much for sharing this. How long was it before you noticed that your pelvic floor was stronger? Best wishes Karen

I noticed it after a few days. I was even able to perform yoga exercises better as my core became better. It basically works like FES. The impulses cause the muscles to contract and relax.

Moyna xxx

Sound good Moyna, we could all do with a little help =)

Marie x

Hi Moyna I have one of these, I used it to help my pelvic floor after birth - which program/setting have you been using? When it’s running did you have times when you couldn’t feel any pulses and if so did you turn it up? Think I might give mine a go again. Thank you Liana :slight_smile: