Has any one had Sacral Nerve Stimulation

I ask this as it is virtually my only option to have some control of my bladder, at the moment I have complete retension and hve to self catherterize, but ocassionally (about once a week) I have a bout of urge incontinence. 10 second notice.

It has also been suggested it may ease pain in my legs.

Any info would be appreciated. Thanks

Sacral Nerve Stimulation - l do not know anything about it - but am very interested as will many folk on here. l had to have a supra-pubic catheter - about 18yrs ago - as l had no control over bladder. lt has helped me so much. l also take LDN - which so many pwms take as it gives back control of their bladders.

So if you do go for this treatment let us all know if it works.


A Supra-pubic catheter has also been meantioned. But I have a surgeon willing to try the nerve stimulation. It’s just up to me to give him the go ahead. So I will keep you updated.



l googled it - and looked at the bladderandbowel site - The nearest hospital to me that have a Sacral Neuromodulation Centre is in Solihull. lt works on bladder and bowels. So nearly all of us on here will be interested in any new development that will help us live a more normal life.

You are going to have to go for it now Twist - we shall rely on your experience.


Oh dear, sounds like I’m the guinea pig! LOL. Well I’m tempted, but I had a bad reaction to a TVT bladder operation, which has put me in this mess, so I am concerned about another op. I don’t want to be left with more problems than I have already.

So I need to see my specialist to go over it with him, and see what his thoughts are, but the surgeon was happy to go ahead.

Watch this space


I will be interested in your decision Twist and how you get on. Hope it works wonders for you. Teresa xx