ISC not working

Hi everyone. Have seen a couple of threads this morning on ISC. Don’t be scared (I know I was) it is easy once you get the hang of it. My problem is I was catheterising last thing at night but still getting up 4 times in the night (every 90 minutes) and passing about 100-200mls. My uroligist upped ISC to three times a day, but am still getting up 4 times a night. He also stopped my Solafenacin which my GP is reviewing. Even taking the Solafenacin did not make any difference to night times. I now have no control at all and just flood. Getting sick of constant wet pads day and night and becoming very distressed at this situation. Did ISC not work for anyone else and what is the next option? Linda x

I am suprapubic catheter and its fine I was ISC for a couple of years then ureatheral and now suprapubic I had hundred yes I mean hundred of infections seemed every week I was on antibiotics MY wife tells me it was dozens seemed like HUNDREDS. I dont know but maybe its time for an indwelling catheter. Don


Do you think you might have an infection? That could be one cause. Also, what do you drink? I find that tea & coffee go straight through me and can irritate the bladder, so i tend to stick to just water now.


I try to drink coffee all the time, wife keeps sneaking tea into the equation saying you can’t drink coffee all the time. YES YOU CAN is my reply, at 58 I know what I like tea is not for me. That has a poetic ring to it.


l struggled for a long time with no control of bladder - and bowels. 19yrs ago l had a supra-pubic catheter fitted - ‘outdoor plumbing’

After a few initial problems - l have found it life changing. A couple of years ago - someone on here posted about ‘Sacral Neuromodulation’ a hi - tech way of controlling both bladder and bowel. Did google it - and found a hospital not far away had a dept.

doing this. l did not take it any further. But then this week another post from someone who has had the treatment - and it sounds very positive. So do look into this. l shall be mentioning it to my GP - in hopes it might be suitable for me. The SPC is great - but l still have the bowel problem - little warning - and legs not fast enough to get me out of trouble. ln fact l have been considering having a colostomy - l do fear not being independent - and having to rely on carers.

For years, l have not been able to go away on holiday - or join in on day trips as l need to be very close to the loo all the time. l have had PPMS for 32yrs. The loss of control of bladder/bowels has been the worst symptom. Could this sacral neuro modulation therapy be the answer? l do hope so. Do google it - and read for yourself. And read the post about it on here just a couple of days ago. The treatment is an implant [in the buttock] that controls the messages from brain to sphincters muscles - it works also on bladder retention as well as constant urge.

Don, l love my coffee in the morning - and it has to be proper coffee - none of that instant stuff. l even froth the milk up. l have one first thing in the morning when l come downstairs to let the dogs out. l take my strong frothy coffe back upstairs [with the dogs] and get back in bed with a good book and two snoring rotties and my Romanian refugee shepherd dog. Then after a shower l come down and make the second mug. After that l drink only water or Redbush Tea.

You could try Betmiga. It allows the bladder capacity to stretch. I know this because I have just had to keep another bladder diary to get my pads renewed, and although it has done little to stop the leaks, at night time I am emptying as much as 500mls with each visit. I think before it was a little over half this. If you get the same benefit it could really cut things down!