Leg improvements after suprapubic catheter?

My Neuro consultant won’t prescribe drugs to help with neuro symptoms in my legs until I sort out my retaining bladder. Have tried and failed with self cath. MS team suggesting SP Catheter which seems a drastic step as my bladder feels largely under control other than recurring UTI’s. Does anyone have experience of a SPC leading to an improvement of leg stiffness?

Hi, I’ve had my SPC for nearly two years, I haven’t noticed anything different with my legs

Rosina x

Had my SPC nearly 20yrs - made no difference to legs - and l can not see why it would. lf you have retention - then yes a SPC can help - and as you have control of your bladder you will be able to use a flipflow valve and not a bag. Less chance of uti’s with a SPC compared with selfcath.

Drink plenty of water to keep the urine diluted. Helps wash out the bladder.

lf l was you l would look into other methods of emptying your bladder - Google Queens Bladder Stimulator.