Has anyone experience of suprapubic catheters?

Following a very embarrassing Christmas shopping experience in TKMAXX( NO PUBLIC TOILET)…and several daily changes of trousers, know I am facing catherisation …with useless hands I know self catherisation is not an option…interested to hear of others experience.

There are many of us on this site with SPC’s. l have had mine 20yrs. Made a big difference to my life. Have you been offered Botox before going down the SPC line. Also, LDN helps with regaining bladder control. l started taking it about 6yrs ago - so too late for me to say what it would have done for me. But l do find it helps with spasms.

A good site is living with a urinary catheter chronic health issues. lt is a site that is connected to Oxford Uni. l was interviewed for it with my years of living with a SPC. They were interested in the way l ‘wear’ mine which is quite different from how the so-called experts advise.

Ask your GP to prescribe you Betmiga - it is the newest of bladder control meds. Google it. But hopefully, it will help you for now.

lf you are offered Oxybutinin - beware - as it’s side-effects can be horrid. That’s my experience anyway.

Hi Rose, I’ve had my SPCatheter for nearly 2yrs now & for me it’s the best thing ever! I’ve had no problems at all with it. the nurse comes to my home to change it every 8/9wks. I think the max is 10wks. The change is very simple & only takes a minute or two & isn’t painful. I had mine fitted because I couldn’t manage self catherisation, not enough feeling in my hands.

Originally it involved a small operation & an overnight stay in hospital to have it fitted. The added bonus with a SPC is no more urine infections, it’s made a massive difference to me.

Good luck with your research!

Rosina x


Glad you asked that question because I self catheterise but am now having trouble with my left arm and hand so it makes it difficult.

I’m going to Urology at the end of the month and intend asking about them.


I have had a SPC for two years and it is fantastic. I had a urethral catheter and had years of problems and infections. I have not suffered any problems with the SPC and wish I had it fitted years ago. When I started out I self Cath’d for about a year which I assume is easier for the male of the species.

My experience of the Supra Catheter is fantastic and I would recommend it wholeheartedly GO FOR IT


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hi, had my spc 15 months. do think it is better than wearing pads and being wet most of the time. i also much prefer it to a urethral catheter, as i could hardly sit on mine. i had it taken out after 5 months of crappy time.

just had an investigation as to what was causing me to by pass, spasms and pressure on my bladder all the time.

i am now on betmiga, 50mg a day. things have settled down. i was previously on oxybutynin at the max dose of 20mg a day. it was good for a good while, but stopped helping.

i had to do something as my mobility is shot and i am unable to transfer quickly to a loo, as i am hoisted now.

good luck if you go for it.


I feel for you and your situation.'Cos of bad and deteriorating hands I have problems that will only get worse when fitting ‘Conveen’…Passion Killers.I was fitted with the SCP about seven months ago,my bladder didn’t like it and after a hsitty three weeks I was back with the Passion Killers and a piddle bag on one of my two remaining legs… that’s that.

In theory they can try again with a different type of balloon,but I’m a bad statistic and what do wet drawers mean to anybody apart from the poor bstrad who has to spend hours getting fragrant and dry.I hope you have the plumbing altered and you have all the trouble free benefits that are entailed.